scheana marie told Kristen Doute that she was prepared to mess with Jax Taylor's romance, and, during Monday night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules," she did just that. Although Cartwright had previously chose to stick by her man, despite his affair with Faith Stowers, Scheana took it upon herself to move forward with her plan for revenge on Taylor, who previously stated that her boyfriend wasn't in love with her.

During an episode of "Vanderpump Rules" earlier this month, Taylor revealed to his co-stars that Robert Parks-Valletta wasn't in a place where he was ready to tell Scheana he loved her.

A short time later, after Kristen Doute informed Scheana of what Taylor had said, Scheana said that if Taylor was messing with her relationship, she wouldn't hesitate to mess with his.

Scheana Marie set Brittany up with Adam Spott

Despite Scheana's clear statement, Cartwright didn't feel that she was "conniving" when she decided to set her up with SUR Restaurant's newest employee, Adam Spott. "I never got like a conniving thing from you doing that," she told Scheana during an after show. "I just always say it was trying to make me feel good," she added. Still, Scheana continued to speak of her desire to "one-up" Taylor and blamed her feelings on their "brother-sister" relationship.

Scheana Marie was extremely upset about Jax Taylor spreading news of her now-ex-boyfriend's statements about their relationship but, as many have seen on the show, he just doesn't seem to be quite as invested in their relationship as the reality star is.

That said, Scheana hasn't been quick to accept that fact and now, even months after their split, she continues to gush over the actor.

Brittany Cartwright is giving Jax Taylor '100 percent'

While Cartwright has faced her fair share of backlash due to her decision to take Taylor back after his 2017 cheating scandal, she hasn't wavered with her support for the bartender and said during Monday's night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" that she would continue to give him "100 percent" as her mother advised.

She even decided to throw her boyfriend a massive birthday party on Monday's show at Hooters, where she used to work and since then, she's flooded him with gifts and affection.

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