Award shows have become more political than ever before since the controversial election of Donald Trump. During the 90th annual Academy Awards show, conservative Americans appeared to lose their cool on social media after the president and vice president were called out.

Oscar backlash

It all started back when Donald Trump announced his campaign for president in June 2015 and labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." In the nearly three years that have followed, including his upset win over Hillary Clinton, Trump's reckless behavior and questionable policy positions have caused many Americans to push back, including the majority of the liberal-leaning celebrities in Hollywood.

During the Academy Awards on Sunday night, host Jimmy Kimmel took several humorous shots at Donald Trump and Mike Pence, mostly due to their stance on African-American and LGBT issues.

In response, the right-wing corner of social media quickly lashed out on March 4, which resulted in a total meltdown from conservatives who have been vocal in their opposition to Hollywood.

"If you win for a movie or role that involved guns, violence, sexualizing women or making money I fully expect you to forfeit your award otherwise all your whining is nothing more than self-righteous grandstanding," Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren tweeted.

"Apparently the Oscars will be awarding “p*nis-less” trophies as a way to fight sexual harassment?" one tweet read.

"That’s the most boring and least funny Oscar’s opening of all time. And the most political. These ratings are going to be a disaster," broadcaster Clay Travis tweeted out.

Double down

Even more tweets came pouring in from conservatives who appeared to have had enough with liberal celebrities poking fun at Donald Trump. "Liberals really ruined the Oscars didn't they. its unwatchable now," another angry social media user wrote. "Welp, f**k the Oscars 2018 They want to rip on the president, and make it about sh*t half of them don’t understand.

I’ll live my life, you live yours," another tweet added.

"The Oscars are a cr*p broadcast for the couch sitting set.

Entitled arrogant and morally bankrupt 'artists' doing self congratulatory flatulence. No thanks. I'll work out," one tweet added, while using the hashtag "liberals ruin everything." As the negative tweets continued, the divide between the political left and right showed no signs of coming to an end.