With social media platforms cracking down on what many perceive as personal attacks and politically incorrect language, both liberals and conservatives have suffered. Despite this, Donald Trump Jr. and other right-wing personalities have decided to lash out with cries of political bias.

Don Jr. on Twitter

It's no secret that Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms have taken an aggressive stance against language and posts that many find offensive.

Following Russia's hacking of the 2016 election, several social media outlets were blamed for allowing misinformation to be spread at an increased rate, resulting in a massive crackdown, with many claiming an overreach that is censoring free speech. When it comes to politics, conservatives are accusing these social media outlets of personal bias against them and right-wing outlets.

After the right-wing Drudge Report posted about a Twitter user being suspended for insulting Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, Donald Trump Jr. decided to re-tweet the post and add his own comments about social media bias against conservatives. "Ha, Since they’re policing they should spend some time looking at what they say about me on here," Trump Jr.

posted. "I promise the below is as mild as it gets... oh that’s right it wouldn’t matter because I’m a conservative so hate speech is fine," he added. Not long after Don Jr. tweeted out, his quickly received backlash from critics.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Donald Trump Jr's remarks, conservatives quickly came to his defense, while liberals wasted no time firing back.

"Maybe they should look into the tweets you 'liked' promoting conspiracy theories about the Parkland massacre," Roland Scahill tweeted out.

"Just like daddy....

hey HEY,, WHAT ABOUT ME!!" another tweet added. "Oh are people being mean to you? Thoughts and prayers," a Twitter user wrote. "Playing the victim role? The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree," yet another tweet went on to read.

"You whine almost as much as your father.

Don’t want the public eye? Do us all a favor and get out of it and out of our government. No one ever elected you to anything to begin with!" a Twitter user wrote. "What they say about you is true though. And only barely reveals all the unethical corrupt behavior," yet another tweet read. As the negative reaction continued, it showed that the wide divide between Trump supporters and critics was not going to improve anytime soon.