The Los Angeles home that is best known for its use in the Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction,” is now for sale. The home is located in Studio City and is a single-story home made up of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The asking price is $1,395,000.

Real Estate firm The Agency, confirmed the sale of this popular home. The home is located near restaurants and is near an award-winning school district and has its place in film history. This property was the house used by the character Jimmy in “Pulp Fiction.”

'Pulp Fiction' home was a key part of the cult classic

The home is where John Travolta’s and Samuel L.

Jackson’s two contract killer characters fled after Travolta’s character accidentally shots a person in the face while they were trying to get information from them. In the famous scene, Tarantino’s character was shocked that the two hitmen would show up with a dead body in their vehicle, just before his wife was due back home. Tarantino’s character ended up calling their boss and “fixer,” Winston Wolfe.

The sellers highlight the home’s role in the film and even use a few "Pulp Fiction" artworks in the photos. Outside of its use in a movie, it’s a fairly ordinary home. The home allows lots of natural light. The kitchen has been updated with a brighter white and the wallpaper has been removed.

The washer and dryer are still enclosed behind bi-fold doors. One of the bedrooms still has the window seat that was featured in the film, where Wolfe spoke on the phone to an associate.

The property is more about new construction instead of preserving

The carpeting has been replaced with hardwood floors, giving it a shinier look.

The house has managed to be impeccably maintained and retains many of the vintage features, including the retro bathroom sinks.

According to the official listing, it is an amazing development opportunity that has permits that have been approved and paid for. Construction has been approved, giving anyone the opportunity to begin construction of the 4,200 square-foot home, which includes the garage and patio.

The agency has been holding open houses for several weeks now and the last open house is today in Studio City.

The property is being sold more as a development opportunity instead of a home. The property is shovel ready. This is not the only film-featured home for sale right now. In Italy, a property used in the Oscar-winning film “Call Me by Your Name,” is for sale. Right now nobody has said if anything will replace the house. A buyer could preserve the home as homage to the cult classic film.