"Bachelor" winner Lauren Burnham was heartbroken when Arie Luyendyk Jr. decided to end his relationship with her instead of proposing during the controversial finale of "The Bachelor" this week. Arie, who had listened to his parents about picking Becca, told the viewers that he had regretted his decision just a few weeks after proposing. Despite trying to make it work with Becca, he revealed that he couldn't stop thinking about what these activities and dates would be like with Lauren. When "Bachelor" star Becca met up with him in Los Angeles, she thought that they would be going on dates and having fun.

However, he broke up with her and told her he wanted to pursue things with Lauren instead.

Fans were expecting Lauren Burnham to be upset with Arie, revealing she should have been angry at him for dumping her before proposing to another woman. However, she welcomed him back with open arms and fans were shocked. While she did have some questioned, she revealed that she wanted him back too and that she hoped the proposal wouldn't take long. According to a new Instagram post, Lauren Burnham is now revealing that the hate she's getting is all worth it as she and Arie are in love.

Ignoring the hate

While Arie Luyendyk Jr. has received the most hate of the two for the way things went down during the "Bachelor" finale, Lauren is also seeing some criticism on social media for the way she's handling the situation.

People questioned her self-esteem and confidence after jumping back into her relationship with Arie. People wondered why she would just forget everything that's happened and accept him back. It's clear that she's madly in love with him, which is surprising for some of the other ladies of the season. Bekah Martinez has hinted that Arie will cheat on Lauren, as she's simply not enough for him.

Moving fast

Even though people continue to judge these two, they are moving forward with their relationship. Arie and Lauren are already talking about a wedding date and it sounds like they are excited about the future. They are also finding a place to live and talking about how they are going to celebrate their future together.

They may go into hiding for a while and since he's currently being labeled the most hated "Bachelor" star of all time, don't expect ABC to offer a wedding special for them.

What do you think of Lauren Burnham's comments after the finale? Are you surprised she's not speaking out about the way Arie treated Becca?