As generations come and go, those 90s kids are now adults. This means that college students will no longer be those who remember Y2K or their first Tamagotchi pet death. That was a sad day for me. This also means that a variety of kids’ shows from the 90s and 2000s are becoming less of a memory of childhood youth.

Most college students in today’s world grew up with iPads and iPods, but they never had to chance to enjoy “Hey Arnold!” or “Rugrats,” or any other cartoon their older brothers and sisters enjoyed. I myself was a 90s kid and enjoyed the kids shows that taught you a life lesson.

Nowadays kids’ shows are less into teaching and more into just showing a cartoon.

90s kids want their beloved cartoons back

Many who grew up in the 90s are nostalgic for their favorite television show. However, most are not available on any platform, other than DVD. You would think that companies like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon would consider bringing them onto their platforms. While you can’t easily watch them, you can always reminisce about the good old cartoons. Here are six shows that every 90s kid will never forget.


This beloved cartoon was all about a group of baby friends, who went on adventures. Growing up kids including myself, were able to see the world as toddlers saw it. In “Rugrats” the whole show focused on Tommy Pickle’s backyard.

Like many kids their age, they struggled to find snacks and having to take naps.

“Hey Arnold!”

This probably one of Nickelodeon’s most beloved cartoons from the late 90s. The cartoon revolved around a boy with a football head. The show focused on Arnold and his life with his grandparents and his adventures with his unique classmates.

“Jimmy Neutron”

Everyone wanted to be a scientist and create crazy inventions. Without burning down the house, we could follow the adventures of the boy genius “Jimmy Neutron,” who along with his friends Sheen, Carl, and his robotic dog Goddard explored and invented new things. While they may have gotten into danger quite frequently, they were still able to solve the problem at the end of the day.

The Wild Thornberrys

The "Wild Thornberrys" threw us into an adventure every episode, as we followed the adventurous family as they traveled the world to research animals and their habitats. While the family explored, Eliza discovered she could speak to animals.

“Rocket Power”

This show introduced us into the skateboarding and surfing family of siblings including Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam. The siblings were always ready to go on any adventure that came their way. They got to live a life that any 90s kid wanted.

Kim Possible

In the early 2000s, we were introduced to the high school cheerleader turned secret agent Kim Possible. Whenever she got the call, she swapped her cheerleading outfit for her secret agent costume. Kim Possible teamed up with Ron Stoppable and saved the world on countless occasions from villains. After saving the day, they would always stop to eat at Bueno Nacho.