Brandi Glanville has crossed a major line. Following Monday night's episode of the eighth season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," the former Bravo TV reality star took aim at her ex-co-star lisa vanderpump on Twitter by bringing up her dog Pink Dog who died around the time the episode was filmed.

“My boys loved Pink Dog," Glanville wrote. "It’s so sad." She then took her seemingly harmless tweet one step further and suggested Vanderpump was actually responsible for the dog's tragic death. "Maybe those toxins in that pink hair dye didn’t help," she added.

Right away, Brandi Glanville was blasted by fans who slammed her for taking such a low blow to her former friend. One person even labeled her as a "mean drunk," and Lisa Vanderpump responded to the comment. After reading the Twitter user's post, Vanderpump confirmed she would never use toxins on Pink Dog and encouraged Glanville to "go back to the hole where you came from."

Glanville later deleted the tweet but said it would be the last one she would remove from her page. As she explained in a tweet to fans, she doesn't want to erase her posts for "anyone anymore." She also hinted that Vanderpump had something to do with the deleted tweet when she encouraged someone not to ask her to remove her posts.

"You get back what you put out so [shut the f**k up and take it]!" she added.

Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump became close years ago

After Glanville joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" as a friend of Adrienne Maloof's during season two, she and Vanderpump hit it off. They were even seen together off-camera and appeared to have a solid friendship.

Then, after Glanville suggested Vanderpump was manipulating her and the rest of the cast, they had a falling out that they never recovered from.

Lisa Vanderpump opened up about her dog's death on 'RHOBH'

Over the past few episodes of the Bravo TV reality show, Lisa Vanderpump spoke of the heartbreak she endured due to the loss of her beloved pet.

She also opened up about her husband Ken Todd's struggles, revealing that she hated to see him blame himself for the pet's passing. So, when it comes to Glanville's low blow, it's not at all surprising to see the longtime reality star being blasted for taking such a disgusting shot at Vanderpump.

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