Arie Luyendyk Jr. wanted to make a special announcement on the season finale of "The Bachelor." He had made the wrong choice, as he had proposed to Becca during the finale episode. He claimed he tried to make it work for weeks but after about a month he decided to end things with Becca so he could pursue a relationship with Lauren Burnham. Because he disrespected his engagement to Becca, fans of the show were not happy with Arie. When he shared the news that he was going to propose to Lauren instead, some previous "Bachelor" stars advised him to take it easy and go into hiding after the show.

They told him to go into hiding and avoid doing too many interviews, "Dancing With The Stars" and the other reality television offers that would come his way. But it sounds like Arie Luyendyk Jr. just wanted to do one thing: go back to work. He announced he was happy to be back at the track this week and he brought Lauren with him. According to a new Twitter post, Lauren Burnham isn't staying at home while Arie goes back to work, so she joined him at the track. In the photos that Arie shared on Twitter, it sounds like she also got to wear some racing gear. Perhaps she's joining him in Arizona while things settle down in the reality world.

Back on the track

Arie returned to the race track while "The Bachelor" was airing on television.

Of course, at the time he was trying to work things out with Becca but he was struggling inside to figure out what he truly wanted. While he tried to work out his feelings, he revealed that he was happy that he didn't have to rely on the advertisements for food or Instagram ads to make a living. He boasted about his racing career, revealing that he was happy he was able to have a great life without the publicity.

Not wanting to do Instagram ads

It's interesting that Arie Luyendyk Jr. is distancing himself so much from doing ads and doing some online marketing to make more money. Surely, these former "Bachelor" stars love to do these ads because they can make some extra money and grown their online audience. Some of these stars dream about becoming bloggers and starting online companies, so it seems odd that he would slam their career choices.

Perhaps Lauren Burnham would like to start blogging about her favorite makeup tips, as fashion and health appear to be some of her favorite topics according to her social media pages.

What do you think about Arie Luyendyk Jr. bringing Lauren to work? Are you surprised he keeps bragging about his racing career?