Jenelle Evans may be the most controversial star in the "Teen Mom" family now that Farrah Abraham has been fired from "Teen Mom OG." Evans, who has struggled with arrests, boyfriends, her mother, and custody issues for an entire decade, hasn't always had the best fan support on social media. Jenelle used to open up about everything on social media, so fans knew when she was fighting with her boyfriends, when her mother was getting on her nerves, or when she had a serious court date. But the "Teen Mom 2" star has taken a step back from the public eye over the past couple of years.

It's no secret that Evans has fought with producers before, as fans saw how she cut off filming last season before her wedding. While she's not as disrespectful as Farrah, she has asked producers to leave once before and has skipped out on filming appointments with the crew. For years, Evans has complained about the way she's portrayed on the show, sharing that she wanted to be portrayed in a positive light. A few years ago, she revealed she wanted to start her own show on YouTube to show fans how happy she really was. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's filming her own show but it may not be what fans expected.

Planned YouTube show

It sounds like she's been planning her own show for quite a while.

In the beginning, Jenelle just wanted to film her activities with her kids around North Carolina, so fans could see what her life was really like. But on Twitter, she revealed that she was starting her own show called "Off the Grid Adventures." The main photo of Jenelle is on a beach, where she's clearly not in North Carolina.

Jenelle has been accused of spending her money on lavish vacations, so hopefully, she's not spending her money to go on vacations to make her own YouTube show.

And if this is the case, hopefully, she has advertisers so she can get money in return.

Could have cut ties with 'Teen Mom 2'

Her husband, David Eason, was recently fired from "Teen Mom 2" after making discriminatory comments on social media. It's possible that Evans isn't willing to film the show without her husband, so she may be cutting ties with the show because of her devotion to her husband. She hasn't made a public statement just yet, and MTV hasn't said anything about cutting ties with Jenelle. But if she stays on the show, it will be interesting to see how she films without David. It's also interesting to see what her new show is about.

Will you be checking out Jenelle Evans' new YouTube show?