Amber Portwood was slammed by ex Gary Shirley for her being an absentee mom to their young daughter Leah. According to Radar Online, Gary is getting completely fed up with the "Teen Mom OG" star's whole attitude when it comes to being a mom. Amber is not taking Gary's verbal bashing well at all. But, Shirley is calling it like he sees it and Amber went the entire summer only seeing Leah two, or three times, depending on who you ask.

Gary Shirley finally told Amber Portwood how it is!

Portwood reportedly spent much of the past summer suffering from depression due to her nasty break-up from Matt Baier.

But... Amber claims she is not going to tolerate Gary and Kristina talking about her to Leah. Amber Portwood went on to tell producers just how important it is to her that Leah knows just how much she loves her. As far as she is concerned right now, Gary is being completely two-faced on this matter. He told her he understands she had a hard break up and that obviously she was going to be depressed to a point over it.

Time for Amber to just get over it now!

Gary is also pretty ticked off that Amber found it more important to find a new man before she even visited Leah, and now she is pregnant with Andrew Glennon's baby. Where is that going to put Leah in the pecking order? Gary claims he is also tired of Amber blaming him for everything wrong in her life and that he is not responsible for the bad decisions and outcome from them...she is.

The two have since made up since their angry confrontation. Gary Shirley made the first move to apologize, telling her he wants to "continue to strengthen their co-parenting relationship." Amber Portwood thanked Gary Shirley for the apology, telling him the "only thing to do now is move on." It is good that they have grown enough to realize that the way adults handle their issues is through calm conversation.

As previously reported, Amber Portwood recently announced that she and Andrew Glennon would be welcoming a son together sometime this summer. Amber is not the only "Teen Mom OG" cast member who will be bringing a new baby home this year. During the March 26 episode, it was revealed that Maci Bookout's ex, Ryan Edwards, and new wife, Mackenzie, much to fan's dismay, are also expecting.

Not all fans agreed with Gary apologizing. Some believe that Amber needs a huge wake-up call and should get her priorities straight when it comes to her daughter. After all, she will soon be a mother of two, as Gary stated: "Put your d**n kid first!" Do you believe Gary Shirley was out of line with Amber Portwood on this or is this just what she needed to finally hear?