Donald Trump had yet another controversial week as president, and as expected, critics in the media didn't hold back their thoughts. To close out the week, comedian Bill Maher made sure to give his opinions in humorous fashion.

Bill Maher on Trump

With each week in the White House, Donald Trump faces new allegations, scandals, drama, and headaches that often get compared to the latest story-line on a reality TV show. Over the last week, the president was forced to deal with the resignation of his top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, a lawsuit from Stormy Daniels, the adult film star he allegedly had an affair with, as well as the bombshell announcement that he would soon be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss the country phasing out their nuclear program.

During the March 9 edition of HBO's "real time with Bill Maher," Trump was taken to task. Kicking off his opening monologue on Friday night, Maher wasted no time firing back at the president's bad week. "Kim Jong-un told South Korea that he was willing to meet with the leader of the United States. But Putin isn't available, so Trump's gonna go," Maher said, before labeling Trump and Kim as "fat man and little boy" who "are going on a date." "Rocket Man and Rain Man are mirror images.

In a weird way they respect and like each other," Maher said. "They both have daddy issues, overeating issues. They both love missile parades. They both lie about their golf scores." he continued. The comedian then went on claim Kim might be a fan of the Oscar winning "Shape of Water" film, saying, "If you can f**k a fish, you can negotiate with a whale."

Maher on Stormy Daniels

Bill Maher then shifted focus to the recent lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels.

"Next week, Trump is coming to California. He didn't want to, but this is where the p*rn stars are," he joked to the laughter of the audience. "We now have a full on sexual scandal in the White House. Stormy Daniels filed a lawsuit," the host said, before adding, "The man who got 80 percent of the Evangelical vote and the star of 'Toxic c*m load six.'" "Trump managed to find the one woman in America who wanted to talk about it.

Usually he's like 'don't talk about it' and they're like 'no problem," Maher said.

Next up

While Bill Maher and other media and celebrity critics of the president continue to keep their foot on the gas, Donald Trump is facing an onslaught of negativity on an almost daily basis. Though recent polling shows an uptick in favorability, Trump's approval still hovers around just 40 percent, a number that must be increased heading into the 2018 midterm election, and later the 2020 presidential election.