Since the success of "Train To Busan” of South Korea and “I am a Hero” of Japan, the zombie fever has spread all over the Asian continent like a new virus. Aside from the gore, the film highlights the sentimentality and humanity of the characters. It breathes life into a new and exciting genre that refused to stay dead. After it conquered the big screen, the undead are now ready to move to the smaller screen.

Upcoming Asian zombie series that you should see

While Asia can still be considered as a newcomer in the zombie genre, the way they craft their stories is just unique to their culture.

The distinctive premise of these Asian fics is so satisfying that can rival even the big-budget Hollywood movies.


As early as last year, there was a rumor that streaming giant ‘Netflix’ has sought the help of the director of “Tunnel” (A highly-acclaimed Korean film series) to create a series about a zombie. “Kingdom” will consist eight episodes that are set in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The crowned prince will be tasked to go on a journey to find out about a mysterious illness. The kingdom is set to premiere this 2018 in more than 190 countries including the USA. According to the creative minds behind this series, they have been working on this ground-breaking story since 2011.

'The Cure'

"The Cure" is the first attempt of The Philippines to create a TV Series about a zombie. The series features a stellar cast such as Cannes Film best actress, Jacklyn Jose, Tom Rodriguez, and Jennylyn Mercado. The zombie series is to be helmed by the director of "Encantadia" which is the biggest Philippines production to date.

The release date is in the second quarter of 2018 at the biggest Philippine TV Network, GMA. Conceptualization of the series began as early as 2013. US fans can catch it through GMA Pinoy TV.

'Highschool of the Dead' new season'

Fans of "HOTD" have been waiting for the new season of the anime for seven long years, and they are not willing to give up.

They have been wondering why there is no official announcement from the production studio after the series captured the heart of millions of fans all over the world. While Daisuke Sato already passed away last year, production studios (particularly Madhouse) are still eager to continue the story of the anime series. For now, it is still too early to speculate if there will be a new season of "HOTD"

The blockbuster success of “I am a Hero” and “Train to Busan’ opened the doors to Asian zombie series. The refined balance between originality and fun makes it appealing and entertaining. Let’s cross our fingers that these upcoming series will live up to the expectation.