It was recently reported that YouTuber celeb vlogger Logan Paul had shocked social media after posting a video of a dead body in Japan’s Suicide Forest. This hurt Paul’s reputation a lot and even though he publicly apologized for his stupid move, he only recently returned to regular vlogging on the video platform. Less than one week later, however, he has found himself with a temporary suspension by YouTube from displaying ads on his channel after filming himself using a Taser on a dead rat.

YouTube vlogger hasn’t learned a thing

The Verge quotes a YouTube spokesperson as saying they didn’t take this decision lightly, but they do believe Paul is exhibiting a pattern of behavior in his vlogging that not only makes his channel unsuitable for advertisers, but is also a potential danger to the broader YouTube Creator community.

This comes as no surprise as it has recently been reported that Paul hasn’t learned a thing over the whole Suicide Forest controversy. Recent vlogs have shown this, as on February 4, Paul posted a “Castaway” spoof video where he is sporting a beard and saying that he was not disgraced. While sitting on the beach, he asked what other YouTuber can take a break for three weeks and still gain a million more subscribers.

This week began with a joke on Twitter about swallowing Tide Pods, which has since been deleted.

As the majority of his subscribers are teenagers, these are part of the generation that is already being pressured into eating the Tide Pods in the first place. His post could have only encouraged his followers even more. This is serious, as USA Today quotes the U.S. poison centers as reporting 142 incidents with individuals involved in the “Tide Pod Challenge” during January.

Vlogger tasers dead rat live on video

In another of several controversial posts, one video was the final straw for YouTube, where Paul Tasered a dead rat at his home. It wasn’t just the rat, however, as the video shows Paul finding out one of his koi fish is ailing. While filming live, he pulls the fish from the water and pretends to give the koi CPR, followed by swirling the fish around in the water to “get oxygen circulating.”

This caused Lisa Lange of PETA to announce that this type of content has no place on the video platform or anywhere else.

Lange went on to state that this type of behavior tends to desensitize youngsters to animal cruelty and she called on YouTube to remove the offending content.

YouTube Creators’ response came as a statement on Twitter, saying that due to Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, they have temporarily suspended any ads from being displayed on his channels on the video platform. As the whole idea of vlogging is to make money, that’s got to hurt.