It is an understatement to say that 'Avengers: Infinity War' will be the biggest film spectacle of 2018. The response to the promotional footage, behind the scenes, and cast interviews is a testimony to how expecting the fans are for the film to deliver nothing short of perfection. However, while we can all bask in the joy of the highly anticipated release, we have to cast our minds forward into the future years; after the film has concluded. Here is what I expect will be Disney's next movements.

The next franchise

You can't talk about Disney and not expect a franchise or two to creep into the conversation.

They love their franchises, especially when they generate as much money at the box office as they currently do. Film studios are always open for the development of an idea into a franchise, due to their potential to increase revenue in the long term; as well as allow the studio to continue making content that they know will be welcomed by audiences - assuming their endeavors are successful.

'The Avengers' has proved to be quite the cinematic success, which is why it is a guarantee that Disney will be looking at their assets and attempting to piece together the narrative for their next multi-film adaptation. It was earlier in the year that we saw Disney purchase Fox for 52 billion dollars and gain all of Fox's movie and television studios, regional sports network and international holdings - and maybe even the kitchen sink as well.

With the strive for purchasing Fox's film assets, we can see the properties of the 'X-Men' franchise swap hands; which is where I believe Disney has set their eyes on for the future.

Disney's assets

With the newly attained franchises - one of the largest being the 'X-Men' - holding so much potential for a series of films, I can see Disney focusing on starting fresh with the 'X-Men' and retcon the entire franchises' history.

It may not erase it from our minds, but with the success of the stand-alone film 'Logan' it is a possibility that Disney will look for a rejuvenation of the fan's favourite characters; and with what better way to do that than to have them all stand team up and stand side-by-side in blockbuster reminiscent of 'The Avengers.'

Current franchises happening

To back this up, Disney are currently focused on releasing the second 'Deadpool' film.

'Deadpool' and the 'X-Men' often cross paths in the comics, so with that in mind, we may see 'Deadpool 2' being used as a transition into beginning the franchise. It is also a sign that Disney has their eyes on the 'X-Men' being a potential franchise due to the future release of 'X-Men: The New Mutants' slated to premiere in 2018. Depending on the success of this new film, we may see them both as being the perfect segue into starting from scratch, which Disney may need to do if they are looking to bring to life some of the narrative storylines from the comics.

The potential

The potential for the franchise is huge. There is no shortage on amazing comic book narratives that Disney could tap into, and now they own the rights to the 'X-Men' and Marvel.

When you look back at Disney's corporate and cinematic moves recent history - the beginning of 'Deadpool', the success of 'Logan', the purchasing of Fox Entertainment, and the ending of 'The Avengers: Infinity War'- it seems like Disney had an overarching plan this whole time; and it all leads to the 'X-Men' getting a reputable cinematic debut that a lot of fans have wanted for a long time.

That is not to say that Disney will cease to release more 'Avengers' content, however with the film concluding the infinity stones plot line, Disney will be challenged to find a new story for 'The Avengers' to follow; which is where we may see new developments starting for their other franchises.