It looks like Leah Messer's YouTube channel is about to come back to life! The "Teen Mom 2" star teased on Twitter that she was looking for someone to edit videos for her, making fans think that she must be getting ready to start posting again. Leah did end up dropping one video and we got to watch just over eight minutes of mother-daughter time, which was heartwarming. Now, fans want to see more of Leah and her girls. What could she possibly have planned to put on YouTube that she needs to have edited first?

Leah posts her first video

It's been about three months since Leah Messer posted videos to YouTube.

Just two days ago, she posted a video that she made with Addie where the mother and daughter played Addie's My Little Pony version of the Pie Face game. In case you've never seen it, it's a game where you spin a dial and then put your face inside a frame. In front of the player is a plastic hand covered in whipped cream. The person whose turn it is has to turn the handle however many clicks they got when they spun and hope it doesn't release that hand full of whipped cream.

Addie went first and Leah made sure that her adorable daughter got the first "pie to the face." When it was time for round two, the girls got super giggly while they tried to decide who would go first. After a moment, Leah decided to go first and lucked out, not having to deal with a face full of whipped cream that would certainly mess up her flawless makeup.

Leah didn't stay lucky the whole time though and eventually, she got whipped cream to the face too. The video with Leah and Addie was super cute and it's not surprising that "Teen Mom 2" fans enjoy seeing them together in the YouTube videos.

More videos coming?

In the past, Leah Messer posted a lot of videos from family events and cheerleading competitions.

She already has more than 14,000 subscribers so it makes sense that she'd want to do something with her YouTube channel and take advantage of all those people who want to watch her videos.

Leah hasn't said yet if she has more plans for YouTube, like a vlog, or if she just plans to post random videos as she goes. She was just hanging out with her "Teen Mom 2" co-star Kail Lowry, who is coming out with her own vlog series.

Was Leah inspired by "Kail and the Chaos?"

There's no telling what the "Teen Mom 2" star hs up her sleeve. Considering that she's asking for help in editing videos for YouTube, it's probably more than just cheerleading videos and Pie Face hijinks. No matter what she has planned for us, it'll probably be a lot of fun.