Shonda Rhimes said last year that she was going to give executive producer Dick Wolf a run for his money because a new series about a firehouse was in the works. It seems like Rhimes is keeping her promise for her new show to be in competition with Wolf's "Chicago Fire."

Rhimes is the executive producer of "Station 19" along with Stacy McKee and Betsy Beers. The firehouse series is the second spinoff of "Grey's Anatomy." The first one was the medical drama "Private Practice" that aired for six seasons on ABC from September 26, 2007 to January 22, 2013.

About 'Station 19'

"Station 19" will begin airing on Thursday, March 22, 2018 in a two-hour special from 8 to 10 p.m. Then the 10-week series will move on March 29 to its regular timeslot from 9 to 10 p.m. That will be a good thing because it will not be on at the same time as "Chicago Fire" that airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.

The series is named after the firehouse that is at the center of "Station 19" that is set in Seatle even though it is filmed in Los Angeles. The episodes will be based on some of the same issues as those seen on "Chicago Fire."

Station 19 is just three blocks away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the location of "Grey's Anatomy." Therefore, expect to see some crossovers between the two shows.

In fact, Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, shows up in the premiere.

About 'Chicago Fire'

Wolf's "Chicago Fire" is set in Chicago and is the most popular of his shows. His firehouse show has been airing on NBC for six seasons since October 10, 2012. The show follows firefighters and paramedics working at Firehouse 51 which is home of Truck 81, Squad 3, and Ambulance 61.

At least Rhimes did not name her show after any of these numbers

The employees work closely together and interact as a family. They risk their lives while on the job protecting people in the city of Chicago. They also support one another in terms of their personal problems. It seems like "Station 19" will be quite similar.

"Chicago Fire" is very popular with lots of fans who have grown attached to the main characters, including Jesse Spencer as Captain Matthew Casey, Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Monica Raymund as Paramedic Gabby Dawson and Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden.

Perhaps viewers would enjoy the new firehouse series better if they didn't think of it as being in competition with "Chicago Fire," but Rhimes is the one who planted the seed in people's minds. No doubt people will watch a few episodes to see what the drama is all about. If they like it, they will find time to watch both shows.