In case you were not aware, the TLC Reality Television ShowSister Wives” was officially renewed for a new season set to start airing in January 2018. TLC has just released a brand-new super teaser for the show, and it is full of drama. For instance, in the teaser, it is revealed that the family is returning to Utah to for the first time since 2012 as they are marching for the Legalization Of Polygamy relationships. It is also worth mentioning that earlier this year the Brown family did indeed march with hundreds of people who were also in a polygamy relationships in protest of a bill that would make polygamy a felony in Utah.

You can continue to read below to find out what else was in the super teaser for the Brown family’s show “Sister Wives.”

What else was in the teaser for 'Sister Wives'?

The family marching for the legalization of polygamy is not all that was in this trailer for the new season of "Sister Wives." For example, one of Brown’s wives, Meri is seen in the trailer struggling with her marriage to Brown. Meri is seen visiting a therapist for her marriage, and it just goes to show how the pair have grown apart. Brown commented on the situation by saying, “Meri is ready to go back to a deep and intimate relationship, and I’m not.” That is not all that Meri is dealing with as she is just starting to patch things up with her daughter Mariah, who only recently came out as a member of the LGBT community and is ready to introduce her girlfriend to the family.

What is the Brown family up to now?

There has recently been a lot of backstage drama in the world of the "Sister Wives" family, which a number of media sites reported. An example of this was when Browns friend Kendra Pollard spoke out about how Robyn would leave if he introduced another woman into the family. Pollard talked about the controversy with Robyn to Life & Style about her threat to leave Kody Brown and the family: “If he takes on new wives, she said she’ll leave.

This isn’t what she signed up for.”

Pollard also said to Life & Style that Brown was worried about losing the "Sister Wives" show before the network renewed it, saying “Kody is really, really sweating losing the show and he’s doing everything he can to keep it.” The reason to why he was so worried about the show being canceled is because filming the series is his main income. None the less, you can catch up with the rest of this family on their new season of “Sister Wives,” and you can also follow them on their social media profiles.