A former employee is suing "Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer and things are really starting to get nasty. Lisa Taubes worked for the "RHONY" star with claims that Ramona failed to pay her wage that they had agreed upon. The more shocking part of Taubes' allegations is that while employed by Singer, she was instructed to bilk Bravo in the name of Ramona's wardrobe budget.

The (alleged) Bravo scheme

Lisa Taubes claims that while employed by Ramona Singer, the "RHONY" star instructed her to bill Bravo for expensive designer clothing that she wore while on the reality series.

That's not unusual and many television personalities are compensated for the cost of clothing that they wear on-screen. However, the allegations get much worse.

Taubes says in her lawsuit that Singer would then instruct her to return items that were already reimbursed by Bravo, then Singer was pocketing that extra cash. She goes even further to claim that Singer instructed her to submit fake receipts to Bravo so they could "reimburse" her for clothing that she already owned.

At this point, there's no telling how much money Ramona Singer may have been reimbursed for clothing that she doesn't even own anymore or that she already had in her closet. So far, she isn't commenting on that matter and Bravo has been silent too.

One thing we do know is that Ramona likes to wear expensive clothing so if true, it was a likely a lot of money.

The rest of Lisa Taubes' lawsuit

In Taubes' lawsuit, she claims that her deal with Ramona Singer was for $4,000 per month for 15-20 hours of work per week. Anything that she worked above and beyond 20 hours was to be paid in addition to her set salary.

Of course, Taubes is claiming that she often worked more than 40 hours a week for Singer but never was compensated for the extra time.

To make matters worse, Lisa Taubes contends that she was asked to work outside of the agreed terms of her contact, taking on extra duties that included walking Ramona's dog and running personal errands for the "RHONY" star.

Lisa says that when she approached Ramona Singer to make things right, she was fired in the most embarrassing way. Ramona reportedly ended her employment right in the lobby of her building. Ramona also allegedly asked for a signed non-disclosure agreement on her way out and then Taubes claims that Singer gave her a good shove before dumping the contents of her purse out in that same lobby.

Ramona Singer did comment on Lisa Taubes' lawsuit, claiming she wasn't even aware. She told Page Six, "I have no knowledge of any lawsuit. Her company did some work for my company. The relationship ended and her company was paid in full for their services."