Piers Morgan was a guest on the CBS daytime talk show "The Talk" on Wednesday, February 14. The 52-year-old British journalist and television personality did not hold back when talking about Omarosa, the former White House adviser who is now a contestant on "Celebrity Big Brother."

Morgan accuses Omarosa of offering to have a showmance with him when they both were on the first season of "The Celebrity Apprentice," hosted by Donald Trump from January to March 2008. He said the 44-year-old woman wanted to sleep with him. When he refused, she lashed out at him and tried to belittle him by calling him names and using homophobic slurs.

She questioned his sexuality and talked about his ex-wife and his four children. Piers summed it up by saying he has never been spoken to in his life like Omarosa talked to him during the weeks they were filming. Morgan was the winner of that season, which infuriated Omarosa even more.

Name calling

Not only did Omarosa call Morgan negative names on the reality show, but he also described her in derogatory terms on "The Talk." The journalist said he is not thin-skinned, but she was so vicious that it was unbelievable. He said she was not only vicious, but she was also duplicitous, conniving, backstabbing, a lying piece of work, and a poisonous little viper.

Before Morgan appeared on "The Talk" on Wednesday, he initially made the accusations in the Daily Mail that was published on Tuesday (Feb.

13). In addition to speaking out about Omarosa, he also questioned why President Trump hired her in the first place because he knew how rude she is because he had worked with her previously on two of his shows. He fired her twice but hired her to help him run the country. Piers didn't appreciate her for making fun of Vice President Mike Pence and his faith on the last episode of "Celebrity Big Brother." Pence is a devout Catholic and so is Morgan.

Sequestered in 'Big Brother' house

Omarosa can't respond right now to what Morgan said because she is sequestered in the "Big Brother" house and doesn't know what is going on around the world. When the series is over, she will probably respond to the accusations.

Everyone can't be wrong. Attorney and co-host of "The View," Sunny Hostin, appeared on the "Wendy Williams" show last week.

Hostin described Omarosa in almost the same ways as Morgan did. Hostin said Omarosa is one of the rudest persons she has ever met. She said the reality personality disrespected the cast of the ABC show when she appeared as a guest. It is hard to believe that the most hated reality TV villain is a minister, the wife of a pastor, and the associate pastor of her church.