Last week's episode included spoken word, jealous best friends, and first times. CMT also notes that Alannah's place in the band has caused some turbulence in the former boy band. Tonight, the cards are put in place for what is sure to be a final second half of the season (and series altogether). Let's get to recapping!

Deacon and Brad finally collide

Deacon and Jessie are enjoying a moment in bed together (guess Deacon's definitely gotten over his intimacy issues), but things go south when later on Deacon discovers Daphne working on her EP. He tells her she's just 14 and he wants her to figure out who she is as an artist before she goes making EPs and albums.

When Deacon leaves, Daphne clicks back over to that Nashville contest poster, the same contest that Brad (Jessie's ex-husband) is sponsoring.

Deacon performs at the Bluebird later, and Jake sticks out like a sore thumb with all sour mood and a big frown. When they return home, Jessie asks her son what's wrong, and he tells her that he overheard his father telling his accountant that he'll be sending him away to boarding school. Ouch. In the meantime, Daphne has made the decision to sign up for the Nashville contest. She auditions with an original song, and unbeknownst to her, Brad is watching.

Jessie and Brad argue about sending Jake to boarding school. He tells her that Jake is aimless and needs direction and that her helicopter parenting is going to weaken their son.

That's when she explodes and tells Brad that he's only doing this to spite her due to her relationship with Deacon. He denies this, but who knows at this point. Meanwhile, at dinner, Daphne tells father and sister that she auditioned for the contest, resulting in the former getting angry due to her disobedience and the fact that he feels like Brad will simply use her.

Daphne's mad when Maddie doesn't side with her, and storms off. This was one of the confrontations that the International Business Times mentioned in an article, but the biggest one has yet to happen.

Daphne confides in Deacon that music and making songs has made her feel a true sense of happiness for the first time since they lost Rayna. After this confession, he decides that it's time to let Daphne spread her wings and fly (or in this case, perform). He gives her his blessing to participate in the contest. Later, the three winners have been announced: Jackson Morris, Grace Anders, and....Daphne Conrad! Deacon applauds, proud of his little one. Later, he's at Jessie's house for moral support when Jake announces that he refuses to leave with his father.

What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. Deacon doesn't like all the commotion that happens after Jake tells Brad to shut up (perhaps he's triggered by memories of his abusive father). Brad and Jessie scream at each other, and the angry father kicks open the door and tries to force Jake to come with him. Deacon shoves Brad into the wall, and he smirks, noting that he just assaulted him. Based on Brad's response before he smugly exits, law enforcement will be involved. Oh, Deacon...

Avery makes a choice

Avery leaves Bolivia without Juliette and feeling dejected. Emily (Cadence's babysitter) notices Avery has come back alone, and he asks her to stay for a few days until he recovers from his emotional journey.

After filling the boys in on what's going on with him, we see him staring at a picture of Juliette before taking his wedding ring off.

It's a nice moment considering we don't see Alannah and Avery interact much. Between her non-relationship with Gunnar and her rivalry with Will, she has had her hands full. It's nice she gets a regular friendship with someone in the group.

Deacon visits Avery, and he catches her up to speed with the Juliette ordeal. He tells Deacon that it's always something with Juliette and that he can't do this anymore. He's done (but notes he's unaware of what that means) and he refuses to live his life like this.

Did I speak too soon about a "regular friendship?" Alannah, on a bus with the band, gets up off of Gunnar and makes a beeline to Avery. Is she going to be her next target? Alannah informs Avery of her own on again off again relationship, and how it makes her ashamed to keep running back to someone who keeps hurting her. She tells Avery he probably knows how that feels (which contradicts her wishes that he and Juliette reunite, doesn't it?).

It gives him something to think about.

Scarlett and Sean go out

Scarlett invites Sean to go out with her and watch some bands play, but he turns her down. She's disappointed because she assumed that him playing again meant he was moving forward and making progress. Scarlett's boss (and Sean's aunt) Dale tells her not to try and get Sean to come out due to his agoraphobia. It would only add unnecessary anxiety to his life. Scarlett questions how he'll get over his anxiety if he never faces it, only to be shot down with the response that she's not a therapist. Something tells me Scarlett won't be listening.

Turns out, Sean comes to Scarlett's and asks her if he can go to the event! She tells him it already passed (he seems relieved by this), but she can make arrangements for another show coming up soon.

He reluctantly agrees. Of course, at the show, the tight space and the random applause is too much for Sean to bare, and he exits. Scarlett follows after him and tells him that she can relate to a few of his issues, but that only sets him off more. He wants him to stop comparing herself to him, and she apologizes. She tells him that everyone in that room has issues and that they've all got to find healthy ways to cope.

Scarlett apologizes to Dale for taking Sean out anyway but later gets a text from him to meet at the barn. He plays a song for her on the guitar.

She loves it and tells him that many other people will want to hear it as well. He's unsure, but Scarlett believes he can do it.

Will's meltdown

Will's working out like crazy, but notes that he's been feeling a little sluggish when talking to Gunnar. He reassures him that he's on his side and not Alannah, who he's not even sure where he stands with. Will mentions that Alannah getting all the attention made him feel "small," and that it made him feel afraid. Gunnar tells Will not to forget everything he's accomplished and makes a corny statement about what he feels in his heart. Later, Bucky informs the group that they've been booked...with the request that Alannah sings the lead. As usual, Will's not happy, but Alannah tells Bucky in private that she won't be singing lead songs.

Later, Will finds out that they've changed their two Alannah led songs to one led by her and the other by Will. He accuses Gunnar of making the change, but Alannah comes forward. Seeing this change as pity, he storms out of the room. When he gets home, he's sweating profusely and looks as if he's going to pass out.

Will goes online and looks up Steroid Tapering on a Web MD kind of website. That night, he gets ready to perform on The Chew and starts to have (what looks like) an anxiety attack as he gets ready to perform on stage. It's a strong start so far...but it quickly goes left after an intense guitar performance sends Will to the floor, eyes wide open and unresponsive.

His fellow band members are terrified as he's taken away on a stretcher.

And there you have it! Nashville wraps up the first half of its final season and sets up storylines for the second half. Juliette comes to her senses, but is it too late? Sean and Scarlett kiss, as do Alannah and Avery (Will was right about that girl being trouble!), and Deacon goes to see his father! This sneak peek promises a bunch of drama, and we're sure that's not even the half of it. Nashville returns June 7th on CMT.