Romantics love to know about weddings of celebrities and people they have watched on television. There are three weddings of television personalities that are coming up before the end of the year. By now, most people know that the former "Suits" actress Meghan Markle is marrying Prince Harry. Former "Bachelorette" rachel lindsay is marrying Bryan Abasolo. "Big Brother" alums and recent winners of "The Amazing Race" Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are also getting married.

1. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married on May 19 at St.

George's Chapel at Windsor Chapel. They began dating in 2016 and had a whirlwind romance. The 36-year-old former biracial actress and the 33-year-old prince have publicly professed their love for each other.

Meghan gave up her acting career and have moved to Great Britain to plan their spring wedding. Before getting married, she will be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England. She also has to attend a royal boot camp to learn the protocol of the family she is marrying into. Their traditions are quite different from the ones Meghan has been accustomed to, but she is adjusting to the changes.

2. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo

Former "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo from among many suitors on the reality show. Rachel was the first African America bachelorette in the entire franchise. The 32-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas and the 37-year-old Florida chiropractor have made many personal appearances since their engagement.

They are planning a wedding before the end of the year.

3. Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson met and started a showmance on the last season of "Big Brother." They are the recent winners of "The Amazing Race" and are planning a fall wedding.

The couple recently became engaged on February 13. The 32-year-old ex-Marine surprised his 27-year-old girlfriend after praying with her on a mountaintop. Cody said Jessica should have suspected the engagement was coming soon because he had been kissing her ring finger.

Jessica is looking at wedding dresses, but she said she is going to have a wedding planner to help her in order to eliminate some of the stress. They have decided to get married soon so they can start their own family right away.

Jessica says she hopes she gets pregnant on their wedding night.

Cody has been married before and has a five-year-old daughter who will be a flower girl at the wedding. He said the only other involvement he wants is to have Texas Roadhouse cater their reception.

Congratulations to all three engaged couples who are planning their weddings. Hopefully, everything will be just as they want things to be on their big day.