Maci Bookout has been an active cast member of "Teen Mom OG" since the show began almost 10 years ago. She has been sharing her life in the spotlight for almost a decade as her son Bentley continues to grow up in front of the cameras. Throughout the years, Maci has struggled to make peace with several things, including the fact that her "Teen Mom OG" co-star Farrah Abraham decided to enter into the adult entertainment industry. Bookout threatened to leave the show if the producers didn't fire Abraham.

But Bookout has also been dealing with some scary issues, as she learned that her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards was struggling with addiction.

While filming the show, he almost passed out while driving the car and Maci decided to put some firm guidelines in place to ensure that her son Bentley stays safe while with his father. She was criticized for keeping Bentley away from his father and his grandparents while Ryan got sober. But it sounds like Maci is also getting involved in her co-stars' relationships as she publicly revealed that she wanted Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert to get back together. According to a new tweet, she seems to support the idea that Leah give Jeremy a second chance.

Toxic work environment

Leah Messer has revealed that she has no interest in getting back together with her ex-husband Jeremy, as he is often choosing work over his family.

She previously explained that she wanted Jeremy to take some time away from work and focus on his daughter, Adalynn. But because he works in different states all the time, he is away from home for months at a time and therefore doesn't get to see his daughter a lot. His mother helps out while he earns a good salary. Leah has revealed that this kind of work situation is toxic and she wouldn't want to enter into a relationship where she has to deal with this again.

Perhaps Maci Bookout really likes Jeremy and Leah together and she seems to support the idea of them getting back together after they were supposedly caught flirting on social media. Leah was simply quoting a song but fans believe that she was indeed flirting with Jeremy. It seems like she's being accused of doing things that she's not.

Marital bliss

Maci got married to her husband Taylor while filming "Teen Mom OG" and it's possible that she wants the same marital bliss for Leah. Messer has been married twice before and both marriages ended in divorce while she was filming the show. Her first marriage ended due to infidelity on her part, while her second marriage ended when Jeremy walked out on her while she was struggling with depression and anxiety. She has now overcome that chapter of her life and Jeremy is seeing the wife that he once married. Perhaps this is making him question whether it was the right idea to divorce her at the time. Fans are split as to whether they want them back together. Some people believe that Jeremy was indeed the right guy for her, while others believe that she can do some much better.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's tweet where she's supporting the idea of Leah getting back together with Jeremy? Do you think it's right for her to get involved with their relationship?