Kailyn Lowry met Javi Marroquin through mutual friends and it didn't take long for them to bond. Within a couple of months, Lowry and Javi had already considered marriage and they decided to get engaged and married while filming "Teen Mom 2." Lowry was the one who pushed to get married, and fans criticized her for being so pushy. She wanted to get married before he went into the Air Force so they could get health insurance. For months, Kailyn had to argue that she didn't just marry him to get health insurance coverage for herself and her son Isaac.

Because their private conversations about the timing of their wedding were filmed for "Teen Mom 2," fans have been very critical of her decision to marry Javi. Some people were convinced that he was way too good for her but others believe that she tricked him into marrying her. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is not revealing that her friends actually abandoned her after she got married to Javi.

Friends abandoned her

Some fans of "Teen Mom 2" have been watching old episodes and they noticed that Kailyn Lowry's bridesmaids are no longer in her life. The fan explained that it was crazy how fast her friends had abandoned her it should be a sign of how things change quickly. Lowry explained that she couldn't agree more and pointed out that her friends should've been there for her even after things with Javi didn't work out.

Many people have blamed Kailyn for the failed marriage as many believe that she cheated on Javi during their relationship. But it sounds like Javi may have been too controlling during their marriage. While Kailyn hasn't shared the details about what kind of control she's talking about, Javi's recent girlfriend Briana DeJesus from "Teen Mom 2" also revealed that he had some controlling tendencies.

Kailyn is often talking about being alone

Even though Kailyn Lowry is famous for her role on "Teen Mom 2" and has plenty of supporters, she's often talking about how she feels alone. On Twitter, she recently revealed that she no longer has a strong relationship with her sister and she no longer speaks to her mother. Since she doesn't have any other siblings or have a relationship with her father, she's pretty much on her own.

She's not exactly dating these days and she doesn't seem to be on the best terms with Javi either. The two are co-parenting little Lincoln and fans are curious to see how that's working out when "Teen Mom 2" returns later this year.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry's tweets about how her bridesmaids abandoned her after her divorce from Javi? Do you think they should have been loyal to her even though none of them supported her decisions in regards to her marriage?