Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines for a couple of days now thanks to all of the drama with her co-stars, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. The "Teen Mom 2" star was furious after she learned that the Messer had gone on Kailyn's podcast to discuss the drama that was unfolding with Jenelle. Late last year, Evans had sent cease-and-desist letters to her co-stars because she was furious about their decision to discuss her personal life and her relationship with David Eason on social media. The legal threats asked them to stop talking about her but it sounds like things have only gotten worse among the women since the letters were sent out.

According to several tweets, it sounds like fans of the TV show are also growing tired of the drama with Jenelle and David. After the school shooting in Florida last week, David Eason posted a photo of Jenelle holding a weapon. Fans were outraged and thought this was in poor taste and since the two never apologized for the post, fans are now speaking out. Someone has created a petition to get Jenelle and David fired from "Teen Mom 2" because of their insensitive behavior and posts following the massacre in Parkland Florida just last Wednesday.

Has the right to post anything

In reality, Jenelle Evans and her husband have the right to post whatever they want on social media. She does have the right to do as she pleases but it's no secret that the post may have been a bit insensitive.

It should be noted that it was David Eason who posted the photo and not Jenelle. However Jenelle posed with the gun and since it was shared just hours after the massacre, fans are outraged that they would be pro guns at such a sensitive time.

While the petition may have been a good idea, David managed to do something to get himself fired.

Fans wanted Jenelle and David fired from the show because of the way they are handling the entire situation. Neither them apologize for the post and it's unclear whether the post was deleted from David social media accounts. However, other posts resulted in MTV ending all work with him.

Thanks to the drama that has played out after Jenelle Evans' podcast interview that aired on Saturday, fans have been lashing out at the couple.

This has resulted in David Eason's Twitter account being suspended and has resulted in Jenelle's account being unavailable. It's clear that these two are not exactly the most popular stars of the show even though Jenelle did the video podcast to clear her name.

Wanted to distance herself from her co-stars

Jenelle has threatened to leave "Teen Mom OG" several times and it's clear that she wants to distance herself from her co-stars. It's also clear that she's growing tired of all the drama that's continuing playing out thanks to her co-stars and the drama that they continue to share with the world. While Jenelle thought it would be a good idea to go on the podcast to clear her name, it sounds like it has only created a bigger issue for her.

David has been suspended from Twitter and it sounds like Jenelle may have deleted her own account to support David. Several people have signed the petition to get Jenelle and David removed from "Teen Mom 2" but it's uncertain whether the network will actually remove her from the show as she has provided good ratings. The girls are currently filming the new season of the show and Jenelle has revealed that her podcast interview will be part of the upcoming season.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans posing with the gun after the school shooting last week? Do you think she should be held accountable for her actions and be fired from "Teen Mom 2"?