Leah Messer had no idea that Jenelle Evans would lash out at her during a podcast interview that she did with Vince Russo just last week. Jenelle was angry after learning that Leah had gone on Kailyn Lowry's podcast, Coffee Convos, to discuss the drama playing out behind the scenes of "Teen Mom 2." It's no secret that these girls don't always get along, but it sounded like Vince was doing everything possible to get Jenelle Evans to open up. He slammed Kailyn Lowry for having three children with three different men, something that Evans also has.

It's possible he didn't know that. In addition, he mocked the fact that Leah tried to challenge herself by exploring public speaking, something she admitted she was terrified of doing.

According to the podcast with Vince Russo, Jenelle Evans kept saying that she wasn't happy with her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars and he kept egging her on, trying to get on her side so she could spill more details. It sounded like Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry were both being slammed because of their dislike for Jenelle. It appears to be a setup and Kailyn revealed that she felt sorry for Evans of being used for ratings.

Speaking in front of people

Leah has revealed that she really wants to inspire people and get them to pursue something after she has spoken to them.

On "Teen Mom 2," Leah revealed that she wanted to become a motivational speaker and she shared a few of her speaking engagements. Many fans thought she was brave for speaking out, but she claimed that MTV edited the footage to make her look like she was a horrible speaker. She really wanted to pursue this as a career and she even went to school for communications.

On his podcast, Vince Russo joked about the footage they had seen on "Teen Mom 2," telling Jenelle Evans that she should not take public speaking advice from Leah Messer. It was clear that he was trying to get Jenelle on his good side while slamming one of her co-stars.

Apology is needed

It seemed like Vince Russo didn't really care that he was being so mean to other people in order to make his guest feel good about herself.

Today, he's recording a podcast with Kailyn Lowry, as she wanted to say something to him about the interview that he did. Even though Leah hasn't reached out to him about having a chat, he should apologize for the way he mocked her for pursuing her dreams. He's setting a bad example for people who may be scared to go after their dreams.

Do you think he owes Leah Messer an apology?