Leah Messer is focusing on her daughters and her life these days, and "Teen Mom 2" fans have followed her on her journey to go back to school. Messer has been very vocal about her dating plans, saying that she has no interest in getting into a serious relationship. But when she filmed the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, Dr. Drew asked her whether she wanted to get back together with Jeremy Calvert. She blushed and Jeremy said it was awkward to talk about, but it is possible that she could be exploring a relationship with her ex-husband.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she doesn't want to deal with any drama or negativity.

Leah may be questioning whether she would want to date her ex-husband. Just this week, Leah hinted that Jeremy may have been drinking a bit more than usual. On Twitter, she pointed out that "of course" Jeremy was drinking when it came up in conversation. Jeremy may have been drinking a lot more than usual because he could be stressed out with work and being away from his daughter.

No drama for this reality star

While Leah Messer may be thinking about her relationship with her ex-husband, it sounds like she may have some new rules for him. When they were married, he was very confident and certain whenever he made a decision. Leah was struggling with depression and anxiety, so it sounds like she may be ready to explore a relationship with her new positive attitude.

Messer is setting the record straight - she doesn't have time for negativity.

While her statement could be a general one, it's also possible that she's talking about Jeremy. Even though she's not planning on getting into a serious relationship anytime soon, she could make an exception with Calvert.

Hints of issues with Jeremy

Leah Messer has previously hinted at issues with her ex-husband. He didn't stay with Leah during her depression and anxiety, as he filed for divorce. In addition, he didn't change his work schedule around to cater to his family. These days, Messer is often explaining why Adalynn's father isn't around.

In addition, Leah is now revealing that he could be drinking too much. It's clear that she wants some changes if she is going to explore a relationship with Jeremy. Things need to change if he wants a second chance but he may not be willing to change.

What do you think about Leah Messer sending a strong message about her relationship? Do you think she could get back together with her ex-husband?