kim zolciak and Kroy Biermann just gave their daughter Brielle a pretty big present for her 21st birthday. Us Weekly shared the news that her little brother Kash was actually the one who broke the news to her that this was what she was getting. He parents decided to buy her a gun for her birthday, which she thinks was a great gift.

Kash announces her big present

Brielle Biermann showed it all on her Snapchat and didn't hold back at all. She had a present that Kash had wrapped for her in Disney wrapping paper and said she was excited about her gift from him.

Kash started talking about what he got for her, but then he told her that it was a gun, but that was really her gift from Kim and Kroy not from her little brother.

Brielle shared a picture showing that she got a rose gold gun from her dad for her birthday. Kroy has adopted Brielle and her sister and is the only father figure in their life. She seems really happy with this gift, but of course, the Fans aren't all so sure about it. You can assume that Kroy has taught her how to use a gun and will teach her about gun safety after buying this gift for her for her birthday.

Kim is worried about her children being safe

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has made it clear she is worried about her kids being safe.

She is very overprotective when it comes to her children. Recently after a school shooting in Florida, she made the decision to buy her kids bulletproof backpacks. She got ones that were certified. She felt like this was one way to protect her children. These are nice to have on their back but in a scary situation they could even end up using it to cover themselves up.

Kim was smart thinking about this, but it is sad that she even needs to do that.

So far, Kim and Kroy aren't speaking out about the gift that they gave to Brielle. The fans would actually like to hear their thoughts about why those chose this gift and if she has taken any classes on gun safety. They may decide later on to share with fans their thoughts.

Kim has recently been on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and of course, her show "Don't Be Tardy" will be returning. The fans can't wait to see Kim and Kroy on their television again soon.

Are you shocked to hear that Kim and Kroy gave Brielle a gun for her 21st birthday? Do you feel like this was a bad decision? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Don't Be Tardy" when it returns to Bravo. It will be great to see the family back on television again.