Jenelle Evans is not happy with her co-star Kailyn Lowry's recent podcast episode. Earlier this week, after getting word of a recent taping of "Coffee and Convos," which also included Leah Messer, the "Teen Mom 2" star took aim at Lowry online, claiming her co-star is using her to gain listeners for her on-air series.

“[Kailyn Lowry] uses anyone she can to gain whatever she can… remember that," Jenelle Evans wrote, according to a February 13 report by Radar Online. Evans went on to claim that Lowry discusses her life on "Coffee and Convos" each and every day.

"Why is my life your everyday topic for your show?" she asked. "Maybe I should be the one with a show then.”

Jenelle Evans wants her co-stars to 'cease and desist'

Jenelle Evans also took aim at Leah Messer this week on Twitter and after seeing that Messer had mentioned her husband, David Eason, on Lowry's podcast series, she advised Messer to keep her and Eason's names out of her mouth. As "Teen Mom 2" fans will recall, Evans previously sent letters of cease and desist to Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, threatening to sue them if they continued to speak of her publicly. In response to Evans' legal letter, both Lowry and Houska confirmed they had been advised against speaking of Evans on Twitter but when it comes to Lowry, she definitely doesn't seem scared when it comes to any potential lawsuits against her.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry haven't been friends for years

While the two women started off as friends when "Teen Mom 2" began, they ultimately came to blows over Evans' constant posts about Lowry and other members of the "Teen Mom" franchise. As some may know, Evans frequently shares articles, both true and false, about her co-stars on social media and has been doing so for some time.

In fact, after sending a letter of Cease and Desist to Lowry at the end of last year, Evans shockingly shared an article that questioned the paternity of Lowry's third child, Lux Russell, on her Facebook page. Around the same time, Evans posted an article that involved Houska's daughter Aubree. Still, despite her ongoing plans to continue to spread gossip about her co-stars on social media, Evans doesn't want them to say a thing about her or her spouse in public.

Jenelle Evans and her co-stars, including Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, and Chelsea Houska, are currently in production on the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2."