Farrah Abraham's reaction to Mackenzie McKee is exactly how you thought it would be - all about her! Since Farrah Abraham was fired from the MTV reality series "Teen Mom OG" there has been plenty of speculation as to who would fill her space on the series.

Farrah Abraham 'ready to move on'

MacKenzie McKee's name has been on all "Teen Mom" fan's minds since it was revealed previously that McKee was in line to step in Abraham's spot or possibly Jenelle Evans; should she be terminated. When asked what she thought about McKee replacing her, Farrah revealed she was more than ready to move on, and that she wished them all the best.

Abraham takes another dig at 'Teen Mom OG' cast

However, she added she was leaving there on a "high note" and was their 'biggest star." “I don’t know what the show is doing,” she added. “You could take all the girls on all the series, but none can bring or do as much as I do for the series.” Now, who didn't see that smack coming?

Farrah reveals her future plans away from "Teen Mom OG" is doing her own show, but not reality television. Whether that means TV sitcoms/dramas or adult entertainment time will tell. Whatever direction Farrah takes next, one thing is for sure - she will keep the world and her social media followers very well informed on her progress.

It will be interesting to see just how all the other cast members from "Teen Mom OG" will respond to Farrah Abraham's latest digs.

Fans will surely be watching the social media to catch all the "Teen Mom OG" cast reactions to Farrah's words. Fans are already welcoming McKee to the "Teen Mom" family with open arms.

Farrah has been under fire for the past several days since she defended having nude photos of her 9-year-old daughter Sophia on her phone, claiming it was "not a big deal." As previously reported the news broke on Tuesday night revealing that Mackenzie McKee had officially been hired by MTV to take Farrah's spot.

Producers from the reality series have revealed that Mac has already begun filming and that so far everything was running along very well. The network has already shot a two-hour special with McKee about her mom's battle with stage 4 brain cancer. Fans remember Mackenzie as part of the 'TM3' franchise before getting canceled after one season in 2013.

The first step in MTV producers cleaning house has been completed, stay tuned for more news to follow on how the network decides to handle the Jenelle Evans situation next. We wish Mackenzie McKee luck on her new "Teen Mom OG" ventures! What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham's reaction to the news?