Jinger Duggar is probably a lot of people’s favorite Duggar family member, as she is known as the “rebel Duggar.” There are many reasons why Jinger has been given this title by Fans. For example, she was the first woman in the family to wear pants and wearing pants in her family’s religion is a big no. Another one of these reasons why she was given this title was because she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo didn’t get pregnant as soon as they got married like her other brothers and sisters. Jinger waited an entire year to get pregnant while her siblings such as Joy-Anna basically began expecting as soon as the wedding ceremony was over.

Well, apparently, some people are now rather curious as to why Jinger waited longer than her siblings to get pregnant.

What are people saying about Jinger waiting longer than her siblings to get pregnant after marriage?

As mentioned above, some fans aren’t happy with Jinger Duggar for waiting longer than her siblings to get pregnant, and they want to know why she waited. These fans have been commenting under Jinger’s Instagram pictures, bombarding her with questions about their pregnancy. For example, one Duggar fan wrote: “I literally just read an article that detailed how you were so against instantly being impregnated and how you wanted to embrace a world that you were limited from for so long.” The fan then continued with: “I know you can’t (or at least in your mind you can’t) reverse the creation of your child, but hopefully your spirit will continue despite going against your own wishes.“ I have attached the main Instagram picture below where her fans are harassing her with all kinds of pregnancy questions so you can see these questions with your own eyes.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to now?

The new season of the family’s TLC reality television series “Counting On” is debuting later in the month and it is apparently going to be full of drama. For instance, in the new season of the show, it is rumored that Kendra and her husband Joseph Duggar will announce their pregnancy for the TLC cameras.

Another bit of information about the new instalment of the series is that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard will not be appearing in the new season as they were both let go because of Dillard attacking fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings online for being transgender. To keep up with the latest Duggar Family news, you can watch the show, as well as follow the family on their social media accounts.