If you have been following this family for quite a while now, then you would obviously know about the whole Josh Duggar situation. However, in case you aren’t familiar with this controversy, this was when Josh Duggar allegedly sexually assaulted underage girls in his home, including siblings. Ever since Josh was punished for his crimes, he and his wife Anna have been absent from the family’s TLC reality television program “Counting On.” However, this could soon change as Anna just recently returned to her Instagram account, and one of her latest posts has fans wondering if she is returning to “Counting On.”

Why do fans think that Anna is coming back to television?

As mentioned above, Anna Duggar returned to Instagram rather recently and is posting all kinds of pictures.

Well, because of Anna’s Instagram posts, some fans of this family actually believe that Anna and her husband Josh could be coming back to the reality television series. The reason some fans think that they are returning is because ever since Jill and Derick Dillard got fired from the show, the series may need another Duggar couple to replace them.

Now that some time has passed since the whole Josh scandal some fans think that this Duggar couple should return to the series. For example, here is what one fan said online: “I love them so much. We forgive each other we make mistake and not perfect on the earth.” It is worth mentioning that the reason Jill and Derick Dillard were fired was allegedly because of the way Dillard made transphobic remarks toward fellow TLC celebrity Jazz Jennings.

I have attached one of Anna’s Instagram posts below so you can see the origin of these fans’ speculation when it comes to this couple coming back to the series.

What are the rest of the Duggar family up to?

With the brand new season of “Counting On” about to begin the family has been very busy recently. For example, for the family to help promote the series and to also spread their gospel message as well, the Duggar family took a recent trip to Austrailia.

However, it is worth mentioning that when the family was there, they managed to pick up a speeding ticket and Jim Bob was attacked online after he made an offensive joke at his daughter Jana's expense for being single. To keep up with all things related to the Duggar family, you can follow them on social media so you don’t miss anything at all.

What do you think? Could Anna Duggar make a return to television?