Reality television sisters Jill Duggar Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth are suing Springdale, Arkansas and Washington County authorities over Josh Duggar. They fault the cops for failing to protect them, not from pedophilia but from an invasion of privacy. But the police and many social media users are criticizing the "19 Kids and Counting" girls on their lawsuit. What's up with the TLC's "Counting On?"

'Counting On' girls defend Josh Duggar, blame cops

When Josh Duggar admitted to a multi-pronged sex scandal, TLC canceled the reality television show "19 Kids and Counting." Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were quick to defend Josh and blame others.

Michelle Duggar accused the "liberal media" of victimizing their daughters by reporting that they were victims of incest. In their new show "Counting On" the parents keep pooh-poohing and excusing sexual molestation, cyber-adultery, cheating, porn and sex addiction. Now, their daughters are defending their sex addict brother, blaming the police and trying to get money out the deal.

Josh Duggar is a victim, not a victimizer?

Jessa Seewald admitted, after the "19 Kids and Counting" names were released, that Josh molested her. But she claims it was just a little "mild" incest and that he isn't a pedophile. Jana Duggar and sisters said they were more victimized by the media than by Josh. But critics question why the Reality TV girls object to having their names released if Josh didn't really molest them.

Folks wonder why the "Counting On" celebrities are drawing attention to themselves if they want anonymity.

Josh Duggar profits from his crime?

The "Counting On" stars sued for violating child abuse victims' privacy. A new law would make it illegal to list children's name. But that law also would also protect predators' identities if they are minors.

Josh Duggar planned to exploit this, saying the cops victimized him by releasing his name. The oldest of "19 Kids and Counting" planned to sue police for a cut of his sisters' lawsuit.

Duggars profits from son's sex crimes?

The "19 Kids and Counting" ladies claim to be protecting children. Some folks agree their privacy was invaded.

But they disagree that Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard and Joy-Anna Forsyth should seek monetary damages. Folks wondered how a financial settlement would assuage the "Counting On" stars' "mental anguish." Some said it was disingenuous and cheapened the cause. A rep for Springdale accused them of wasting taxpayer money. Virtually no one feels Josh Duggar is entitled to damages for molesting his sisters.