Darcey Silva of "90 Day Fiance" ended up getting arrested earlier this month after a big fight with her twin sister. Reality Blurb shared the details about what happened between these two. Her sister Stacey was also arrested. It was for alleged disorderly conduct and domestic violence. Later the charges were lowered and they were not charged with domestic violence luckily.

What went down?

It turns out that the police report shows two totally different stories. Darcey and Stacey didn't agree at all on what went down with them. It did happen on February 8 in the middle of the night and the police were called out to an apartment these two were at when it happened.

It is unknown if they were living together or both just there at the time.

The police report explained a bit about what happened between these two. Darcey said she didn't put her hands on her sister, but that isn't what everyone else is saying. It isn't shocking at all that Darcey would say she didn't put her hands on her sister, but the story from the other side was a bit different. Stacey said that they both put their hands on each other during the big fight. It sounds like they just aren't going to agree on what really happened that night a few weeks ago. It isn't surprising that they have two different stories.

What did witnesses have to say?

Witnesses saw the big fight and said that they were both fighting with each other.

It sounds like things got pretty wild between these two. Witnesses said it wasn't like they were throwing punches at each other, but instead they were pushing and pulling at each other. It really does sound like a girl fight that nobody really got that hurt in, but got pretty wild. Sisters do fight now and then, but by this age you would think they would have stopped with the physical outbursts.

Both of the girls ended up being charged with "disorderly conduct" after the big fight with each other. Darcey hasn't said a word about the arrest, and the fans would love to hear her side of it. For some reason, she is staying quiet, but that doesn't mean that Jesse is staying quiet. He actually shared that people keep asking him about it and he doesn't know anything about it because they are not together anymore according to him.

These two are on again and off again so nobody really knows if they are ever together or not. He didn't seem very happy at all that people would even ask him about her. After watching them on the show, it isn't shocking at all that they didn't last.

It looks like things aren't going great for Darcey considering that she is no longer with Jesse and is now getting arrested for fighting with the person she should be the closest to, which is her twin sister. For now, fans are just going to have to wait and see if Darcey ever gives any updates.

Are you shocked to hear that Darcey Silva got arrested after a fight with her sister? Do you feel like she will be back on another season of "90 Day Fiance"?

If she is no longer with Jesse, then there is no reason to bring her back, but if they are trying to work things out then that would make for great television. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. This show has been renewed and new seasons are coming soon to TLC.