Marvel's groundbreaking movie 'Black Panther' recently premiered worldwide for audiences to bask in it's unique and amazing accomplishment. But, as with many progressive pieces of media, there is a small minority of users that seem to be out to ruin it for the world. 'Black Panther' received a lot of praise for its focus on ethnicity and cultural diversity from the mainstream media. Due to this, the social media platform Twitter has become a battleground with people both attacking and defending the new film. But what exactly has been happening?

'Black Panther' and the racism

Racism, in this day and age, is still prevalent in the media. However, Marvel's 'Black Panther' set out to represent the miss-represented. They intended to un-trivialize the importance of cultural diversity in the media, and ultimately shed light on a whole new side of cinema that the world is lacking.

While each of these achievements is amazing, they have angered a small collection of internet trolls on Twitter, who are now seeking to sabotage the accomplishments 'Black Panther' has made.


Internet Trolls are as petty as they come. Their primary objective is to ruin, detract, or oppose anything they deem as worth their time. In this instance, this trolling has taken the form of users posting images to Twitter of abused, bruised, and hurt people, covered in blood with a caption attached stating that the image is the aftermath of violence that broke out at the film's premiere.

The Internet trolls have made it clear, in their Tweets, that they wish to pin the blame on black fans, specifically, who would have attended the film's premiere. However, as is all too common on the internet, the accounts have been proven to be fictitious and created with the sole intent of racial discrimination.

False claims

The actual attendees of the premiere have replied to the hundreds of tweets, claiming that they have been created in order to make the black fans seem violent, angry, and chaotic in order to belittle their community. While the tweets have already been shared around, by the trolls, people are quickly shutting down the false claims with their own pictures, videos, and accounts, many of which completely contrast the troll's tweets saying that there was an amazing energy in the air.

While it is saddening to see such pointless hatred shared on social media, we must remember that all claims that are made online are fictitious until proven true by sources. The trolls may have tried to take away from the film, but audiences seem wiser than that and have instead embraced the positivity that 'Black Panther' is promoting.