Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former aide to President Donald Trump, was briefly left speechless on episode seven of Celebrity Big Brother on February 16, 2018. Fellow houseguest, Brandi Glanville, asked Omarosa a shocking question, relating to her former boss. Brandi pointedly asked if Omarosa ever slept with Trump.

Omarosa confronted by Brandi about Trump

In the extract footage from "Celebrity Big Brother" included below, Glanville, a former star of “Real Housewives of Beverley Hills,” asked Omarosa the fated question, to which she replied, “With who?” Glanville says, “Trump,” to which Omarosa replies with a resounding, “Hell no!” going on to tell Brandi that was a horrible question.

Brandi replied that apparently a lot of girls do sleep with Trump, to which Omarosa replies that she certainly wasn’t. She did admit there is a person in the White House who sleeps around with everybody but added that it wasn’t her and that she had never had to do that.

Manigault Newman was formerly a “villain” in the first season of Trump’s show “The Apprentice,” and is now making regular headlines as she reveals details of her time in the White House. Omarosa was fired from her position as Trump’s aide and White House Office of Public Liaison director of communications in December last year.

Rumors are going around about people sleeping with Trump

It seems Brandi couldn’t resist asking the question, as she had herself competed on “Celebrity Apprentice” back in 2015.

She went on to say she had heard rumors that some of the contestants had slept with the now U.S. President while he was hosting the show. Concerned, Omarosa asked Brandi if her name had ever come up in the rumors, to which Glanville replied “No,” but went on to point out that Trump liked her so much, she just wondered. Omarosa again stressed the negative, saying “God no,” adding that she was just “ratings gold.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that while Glanville said she didn’t know who started the rumors, neither Omarosa, or their reporter, quite believe that.

Previous rumors relating to Omarosa and Trump

As reported by NBC News, besides "Celebrity Big Brother," this isn’t the first time someone has brought up the relationship between Manigault Newman and Trump.

In January, Claudia Jordan, who competed on “Celebrity Apprentice” and also starred in “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” commented on their relationship on the Unstable’D podcast.

Jordan said there was talk going around that there might have been inappropriate behavior between Manigault Newman and her former boss, but added the word “allegedly.”