jasmine lorimer and Kevin Wendt fell in love during “The Bachelorette Canada” and they are still together now a few months after the finale. The two do face a long-distance romance in their relationship, but they just reunited for a visit and fans are anxious for updates.

Kevin and Jasmine's long-distance romance is going well

As “Bachelorette Canada” fans know, Jasmine Lorimer lives in British Columbia and Kevin Wendt lives in Ontario. They have been handling this long-distance romance for about nine months now, but they have just reunited and it sounds as if they are doing great and that there are big changes on the horizon.

Once Jasmine hit Toronto she did an interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada” and she said that things have been going really well with Kevin. Lorimer shared that she's been able to spend quite a bit of time with Wendt since they got together and she is even looking at moving to Toronto within the next few months. There isn't a solid date in place yet regarding the move, but it is on the horizon and this is exciting news for “Bachelorette Canada” fans.

What's next for Wendt and Lorimer?

Jasmine and Kevin spent some quality time together in January, holing up in a tiny cabin for a while, and now Lorimer headed to Wendt's neck of the woods for a visit. The “Bachelorette Canada” couple is also headed to St.

Lucia later in February, although they will be apart for Valentine's Day. Lorimer and Wendt went through some tough times after the finale of their season aired, but it looks like they've been able to put that behind them and focus on one another and their relationship.

What about wedding plans? These “Bachelorette” stars do not seem to be in any rush to tackle that process and it seems that the first priority is getting Jasmine moved to where Kevin is in Toronto.

Both Lorimer and Wendt were clearly quite excited about this reunion, as they both referenced it via recent Instagram posts. They have shared a few tidbits via Snapchat as well, and fans cannot wait to see what else they do during this time together.

Do you think that Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt will go the distance and eventually tie the knot? The "Bachelorette Canada" couple faced a lot of negativity as their finale aired, but people are definitely rooting for the duo now and are thrilled that they are doing so well together.