jasmine lorimer and Kevin Wendt fell in love on “The Bachelorette Canada” last year and fans were hopeful that they would be able to go the distance. Despite living across the country from one another, they seemed to do well for a while. In fact, not all that long ago, she said that she was planning to move to his neck of the woods. Unfortunately, Jasmine and Kevin now reveal that they have split.

Kevin and Jasmine weathered storms early on

Last fall, when their “Bachelorette Canada” finale aired, Jasmine Lorimer was struggling a bit. Fans were pretty rough on her for her choice to pick Kevin Wendt over Mikhel Sickand.

Despite the criticism, Jasmine and Kevin said that they were doing really well as a couple. As recently as early February, Lorimer shared with fans that she and Wendt continued to do well and that she was planning to move to Toronto where Wendt lived within the next few months.

In March, Jasmine and Kevin went on what seemed to be a romantic, luxurious trip to St. Lucia, and there certainly didn't seem to be any sign of trouble with the “Bachelorette Canada” pair at that point. However, the two hadn't posted anything referencing their relationship since then and fans started to wonder whether they were still together.

Wendt and Lorimer have shared sad news

Now, “Bachelorette Canada” fans have their answer.

Both Jasmine and Kevin posted on social media confirming that they have split. Lorimer posted a sunset picture on Instagram with a long note detailing how her journey with Wendt was challenging, but she added that their bond and support for one another grew over the months together. Unfortunately, she admits that the differences and distance between them took a toll on the relationship.

Jasmine says that they split a few months ago, intending to each work on themselves as individuals. Lorimer added that they tried to do that privately, but that they found it was difficult to do that. She says there are no hard feelings between them and she says she'll never forget the beautiful year they shared together, admitting that nothing about any of it has been easy.

A few hours later, Kevin posted a picture on his Instagram page referencing the split with the “Bachelorette Canada” star as well. He said that he loves and respects Jasmine a great deal and that the love they shared was real. He says he's a better man thanks to Lorimer and that she is the “brightest star in my eyes.” Wendt added that he'll always be her biggest fan, but that they have indeed gone their separate ways.

The details may generate buzz among fans

Is it possible that Jasmine and Kevin will reunite? The “Bachelorette Canada” stars clearly won't be dishing out dirty details on one another, but neither really said anything that indicates that the door is open for a reunion either. In fact, given the fact that Jasmine says they split a while ago and they're confirming it now, many would imagine that Lorimer and Wendt feel certain at this point that they can't fix the issues in their relationship.

Certainly, Lorimer's reference to a split a few months ago will make some “Bachelorette Canada” fans wonder, given the talk of her moving and the trips they've posted about relatively recently. While Jasmine may wish that they could have kept everything about their breakup private, reality television fans tend to feel that if they tuned in to watch the couple fall in love, and supported them, they deserve some updates when the relationship falters.

Plenty of “Bachelorette Canada” fans may have initially felt that she'd made a mistake in her final rose pick, but it did seem as if Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt were doing well and trying hard to make their relationship work. Are you surprised to hear of Jasmine and Kevin's split?