Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless'" indicate that on Wednesday Graham will reveal a shocking secret in the courtroom. Jack is going to become extremely agitated at the man who is taking advantage of his mother and pushes Mr. Bloodworth to drop a bombshell the Abbot family never expected. Dina's former companion will reveal that they are actually man and wife, which makes him the stepfather to Jack, Asley, and Traci. This revelation means that he will have total control over what happens to their mother. All the cards seem to be stacking up in Graham's favor and Ms.

Mergeron's life is now literally in his hands.

Graham seems to have the upper hand with Dina

Spoilers say that Ashley and Traci will decide to dig up dirt on their mother's companion and ask Devon if they can look around in the Mergeron files. They will happen upon Dina's journal and after reading it decide to take it to court as evidence. It begins with Dina describing her companion Graham as looking after her and how she believes he is the only person she can trust. The journal goes on to chronicle when the Abbot's mother decided to put her confidant in her will.

Spoilers say that as it goes on, the journal entries will become disturbing and make it clear that Dina had begun to believe that her companion had ulterior motives.

Her daughters believe this is the evidence they need to remove Mr. Bloodworth from all their lives. When Graham takes the stand, however, he will turn the table on the Abbots, by announcing that he is not just Ms. Mergeron's companion who has her medical power of attorney but that he is actually her husband as well.

The Abbot's are between a rock and a hard place

Jack, Traci, and Ashley will be outraged at this revelation of but as of now, there is nothing they can do. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Graham will also point out that the lawsuit his stepchildren brought against him is baseless because Dina is his wife. It looks like Mr. Bloodworth has the upper hand and the Abbot's are between a rock and a hard place. Y&R fans know that Dina's children will not give up easily so all may not be lost.

Spoilers say that during the hearing, Jack will go ballistic as he tells of Graham manhandling his mother, but Mr. Bloodorth's lawyer will counter by pointing out all the trouble Dina got into while in her children's care. Make sure to watch "The Young and the Restless" on Wednesday by tuning in on CBS at 12:30 PM. It sounds like it's going to be another can't miss episode.