With the final six episodes of HBO’s acclaimed series "Game of Thrones" (GOT) set to run sometime in 2019, show enthusiasts are in for a long wait. It has long been one of the biggest shows on TV, and GOT had record-breaking viewing records for Season Seven.

HBO president Casey Bloys has indicated that this is not a delay so much as this is how much time it will take to produce the kind of show they will be proud of. But still, Season Seven ended in August 2017, leaving over a year between seasons. What are viewers to do for almost a year and a half?

Long wait until 2019

Winter may be coming, but with GOT not arriving until 2019 it will be a long wait. For the next four months, however, fans can choose to take a vacation in Finland at the new Game of Thrones hotel.

Every year, Lapland Hotels creates Hotel Rooms, Suites, and much more out of the snow and ice creating a unique SnowVillage and a snow Hotel complex.

This year, inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones they’ve created the Hotel with a GOT theme, all created out of the snow and ice. The themed Hotel Rooms aren’t all there is though. You will also be able to enjoy Dragon inspired sculptures, GOT-themed Ice Bar and more. There is even a Westeros Wall Map, and a White Walker Suite.

Lapland Hotels has created an Ice Hotel, which is only available for a few winter months, each year since 2000.

If the Game of Thrones theme is not enough to entice, it is also an excellent location to view the Northern Lights, take some Ice Sculpting classes, or even go on a Snowmobile Safari.

The SnowVillage includes a Restaurant, Cinema, Chapel, and Bar. All are also created from ice and snow.

Heated cabins available

The accommodations include high-quality thermal sleeping bags on an individually decorated ice sheet.

Room rates include a tour of their SnowVillage, instructions for sleeping, and even hot juice in the morning, but it is only recommended did you stay for one night. For those who wish to enjoy the SnowVillage longer, there are heated cabins available for additional nights.

While I don't recall having seen any on the "Game of Thrones," you would also be able to enjoy a dogsled ride should you wish or even visit a reindeer farm.

Located between 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, near Yllasjarvi and Kittila, it is only a 20-minute drive from the Kittila airport with nearby snowmobile trails and ski trails.

So if you don’t think that you can make it through until 2019 without your Game of Thrones fix, this might just be the idea for you.