HBO has officially confirmed thatGame of Thrones” Season 8 will be released in 2019, so it means that fans will be in a long waiting game. But thanks to the show’s stars, viewers are treated with little teasers every now and then of what would possibly happen in the finale.

In fact, in separate interviews with the series’ lead stars Emilia Clarke and Liam Cunningham, they revealed how intense the television version of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” swansong will be.

Liam Cunningham wishes his character to survive the grand finale

In an interview with RTÉ Entertainment, Liam Cunningham revealed that the whole cast is now putting a lot of pressure on themselves to deliver a perfect “Game of Thrones” Season 8 ending. He explained that they are doing the best that they can to make it as good as they possibly can because it is not just a one-man show, but carried by a number of actors and actresses. And as the series is known for killing a number of its major stars, the 56-year-old star wishes that his character Ser Davos will survive until the final episode. "I am yeah, well my ambition was to make it to the last season and now I'm in the last season my ambition is to make it to the last episode,” he told the aforementioned publication.

To recall, the fan-favorite actor joined the show in its second season and has been loved by the viewers since then.

Talking about “Game of Thrones,” Liam Cunningham admitted that they are all fans of the show. In fact, for a few years, its actors are just reading their own scripts to know what will happen next, the moment they went home.

So, as the series is now coming to an end, he is now starting to feel weird as it is the longest show he has worked on.

Emilia Clarke teases how intense season finale is

Another star who teased the finale of “Game of Thrones” Season 8 is Emilia Clarke. In a separate interview with Access Online at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, the 31-year-old star warned fans that they will never be ready for the series’ final season.

In spite of the long wait, the “Me Before You” actress promised that it will definitely be worth it. In fact, she hinted that the grand finale will be very intense. "I read the scripts this season and I, in some kind of a daze, walked out of my house...and about three hours later I came home and I still hadn't taken it all in," she described. With that, she is not sure if the viewers and even the small screens are ready for the epic grand finale.