In case you aren’t familiar with Janelle brown, she is one of the four wives of Kody Brown and currently stars in the TLC family Reality Television Series “Sister Wives.” This series just recently debuted a new season earlier this month, and it is already full of drama. For example, we get to see the struggles of Kody and one of his wives, as Meri is rumored to be fed up with the whole family and she may be leaving them. Back to Janelle, she has recently been in the news as she is trying to get healthier by losing a lot of weight. Well, now Janelle has spoken out about the cravings she gets since she has kicked her unhealthy food addictions.

What did Janelle Brown say about the cravings she gets?

As mentioned above, Janelle Brown is on a journey to get healthier and lose a lot of weight, and this is documented in the new season of the Brown series “Sister Wives.” Just earlier this month, Janelle told fans on her blog that she suffers from “the F*** its.” She described this as “when all your food addictions and bad habits speak to you the loudest.” Janelle then went on to explain her battle with the food cravings that she suffers from by saying: “While I think that is a very harsh and vulgar word, there is no better way to describe this place I can get into some days with my fight to eat clean.”

I believe anyone that has been on a diet or someone who tries to eat healthily can agree with Janelle here as we all get those cravings, as sugar can be addictive.

However, Janelle seems to be on the right track, as she is still losing weight and feels incredible.

What are the Brown family up to now?

With the new season of “Sister Wives” just starting to air on TLC, the Brown family can’t seem to get out of the news. For instance, the more recent episodes of the show have shown Kody’s daughter Mykelti Brown getting ready to marry the very controversial Tony Padron.

Padron is very controversial for many reasons, as fans feel that he can be very selfish and also way too controlling of Mykelti.

Some viewers also feel that Padron is just a very rude person in general as he even invited himself to Mykelti’s event of her trying on wedding dresses. At this very special event it was just supposed to be Mykelti and the four Brown mothers, but again, he invited himself, and, when he was there all he did was make rude remarks about push-up bras.

Now, if you want to keep up with this celebrity family you can follow them on their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives,” and, you can also follow them on social media as well.