If you have been following this family for a few years now, then you would know that their controversial religious views get them in trouble because of the things they say. For example, Duggar family member Derick Dillard was recently fired from the family’s TLC reality Television Show “Counting On” after he made transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings. These hateful comments stemmed from the fact that he believes that God chooses your gender and Jennings could just be lying for attention or is just confused about herself. Well, now the Duggar family have broken a rule from their religion, and their church is not very happy with them.

What was the rule that the Duggar family broke?

The rule in question that the Duggar family broke is the rule where the women in the family are not allowed to wear pants. As you can tell, from following this family on social media and on their television show “Counting On” Jinger and her sister Jill have been spotted wearing pants. However, not only has Jill been seen wearing pants, but she has also gotten a nose piercing and maybe a new tattoo. Many people actually believe Jill is trying to distance herself from her conservative family which is why she is getting these body modifications. Anyway, with these two Duggar women apparently breaking their church’s rules, the church is not happy at all with them.

For example, a woman who is allegedly a member of this church commented on the Duggar girls wearing pants by saying that these young women are allowing women who come in contact with them to be “defrauded.” What the church member means here is that any woman who wears pants is basically asking for a man to lust after them. The commenter also said that this is everything that God is against.

What else have this family got up to?

As you can tell from reading all of that above, this family’s religious and social views get them into a lot of trouble with the general public. Well, there is also some good news to report on the family; for example, Jinger Duggar has just announced earlier this month that she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are expecting their first child.

However, with good Duggar news, there is always something bad that comes with it, whether it be that their church is angry at them or because of transphobic comments a family member has made. None the less, it is safe to say that this family will always be in the news for something, and you can be sure that I'll keep you posted with all things Duggar related.