Tori and Zach Roloff have one beautiful little boy named Jackson. Now the rumors are flying that she could be pregnant once again. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what is going on and why fans think that Tori might have another baby on the way.

What did Tori Roloff say to get fans thinking a baby is on the way?

Tori recently posted on Instagram and it showed that she thinks that Zach is a great dad. It was a cute picture of her son with his dad and she talked about how great of a dad Zach is in the post. The thing is she said something that got the fans really confused and wondering what is going on.

She also said that this picture makes her excited for the future. That wasn't all that she said, though. Tori said, "The fact that he gets down and plays with his kids. He so good to Jackson and I. I love you so much babe uh."

So why did she mention the word kids? Does that mean that another one is on the way or that she just had a small typo? Nobody really knows for sure, but everyone is wondering. It is pretty interesting that she would use that term seeing that Jackson is the only child they have right now. The fans have been commenting and asking her, but Tori isn't responding just yet.

So could she be expecting?

It is very possible that Tori Roloff is expecting. Jackson Roloff is eight-months-old, which would be a pretty great age difference for their kids.

The fact that she hasn't announced anything could mean that they are waiting to make an announcement on a new season of "Little People, Big World." That wouldn't surprise anyone at all. They also might want to let a magazine like People make the announcement for them.

She has used the word kids in the past, though. It didn't mean anything at all that time, though.

This was back in July and if she was pregnant then everyone would know by now. Maybe Tori Roloff is just talking about the kids that they will have in the future. Matt and Amy Roloff have made it very clear that they love being grandparents and Tori and Zach love being parents, so you know that more babies have to at least be on their mind.

Do you feel like Tori Roloff is pregnant again? Do you think that she just made a small typo? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when the show returns to TLC with new episodes. They haven't announced when the show will be back, but the fans love the Roloff family so much and want to see more of them soon.