This week Hope returned to “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Fans of the character rejoiced at her coming back to the soap. Her return has sparked speculation regarding what storyline is coming up for the character. Of course, she’s going to have some sort of interaction with her ex-fiancé, Liam Spencer. Many are wondering if the two lovebirds could be reuniting.

If Hope wants to win back Liam’s heart, she’s going to have to face competition again. There’s her longtime nemesis and Liam’s wife, Steffy, that she’ll be feuding with. But, Hope also will have to contend with another woman, Sally Spectra.

The couple's history

The Bold and the Beautiful” viewers are well aware of the long history between Hope and Liam. Like many soap opera couples, they experienced their share of heartache. They tried to marry numerous times, but their attempts were thwarted by Steffy, Bill, or Quinn.

Despite the obstacles, the couple always managed to find their way back to each other. Yet, they would once again be torn apart. Liam would eventually marry Steffy, while Hope married Wyatt. When Hope’s marriage to Wyatt ended, she decided to go to Italy to clear her head.

While Hope was gone, a lot of stuff has been happening with Liam. He and Steffy finally married in an over-the-top ceremony in Australia, but their marriage was soon in trouble due to Liam’s friendship with Sally Spectra.

Liam helped Sally keep her fashion business afloat despite financial troubles and Bill’s constant sabotage.

The friendship between Liam and Sally slowly turned romantic with Sally developing feelings for Liam. The pair shared a kiss while they were trapped in the rubble from the Spectra building’s demolition. Upon learning that her husband kissed Sally, an upset Steffy sought comfort from Bill.

Their night together ended in passion, which she soon regretted.

Not too long after Steffy’s affair, she discovered she was pregnant. A paternity test confirmed the baby was Liam’s, giving Steffy peace of mind as she prepped for motherhood. Yet, when Liam found the results of the DNA test, she had no choice but to confess. With their marriage in shambles, Hope or Sally could be waiting in the wings to comfort Liam.

What does the future hold?

Now that Hope’s back in town, she and Liam are bound to run into each other. Odds are old feelings will resurface and the two could be reuniting. Yet, we can’t forget Sally. The redhead hasn’t been shy in expressing her fondness for Liam.

The two ladies finally met up in today’s episode with Sally revealing to Hope the trouble going on in Liam and Steffy’s marriage. Hope and Sally appear to be friendly, but that could change if Liam becomes single. Hope’s shown she’ll go to great lengths to win Liam’s heart. Even when he was with Steffy, she still made plays for him.

As for Sally, she’s shown her fiery side. She’s not afraid of anyone, especially Hope Logan. So, the redhead and the blonde could have a heated battle for Liam’s love.