"The Bachelor" is back and fans could not be more excited for the upcoming season. As Chris Harrison would say, it is going to be the most dramatic season yet. From the New Years Day premiere, fans are already buckling up for the cat-fights and emotional journey that is about to ensue.

Who is Arie Luyendyk Jr.?

While most fans of the show were a bit unsure about ABC's choice to make Arie Luyendyk Jr. the next bachelor, the hesitation quickly subsided.

Arie was the runner-up on Emily Maynard's season, which was five years ago. In bachelor time, Arie should be old news, however, with just a little recap and trip down memory lane, there is no doubt that Arie can easily win fans over and steal their hearts.

Some fanatics of "The Bachelor" remember Arie and were even rooting for him all those years ago, but for the fans that are new to Bachelor Nation, they will be on this ride with Arie for the first time. It is never fun to see someone get their heart broken, but the fact that Arie's heartbreak happened on national television was so much worse.

Finding love on 'The Bachelor'

During the premiere episode, Arie even referenced Emily, saying that he loved her so deeply and he has not been able to find another girl to make him feel the same way.

It is possible that Arie was simply meant to find love on "The Bachelor" and that all of this will work out for him.

The first episode was like every other premiere, Arie was given some advice from his friend and former Bachelor alum, Sean Lowe, then, we were introduced to the 29 lucky women competing for his heart, and then the cocktail party began.

One of the standout villains of the night was Chelsea. As she got out of the limo, she cryptically told Arie that there was a lot to get to know, then proceeded to steal him away first after he gave his introduction speech inside. Chelsea came off as slightly mysterious, but Arie found her interesting. She is a single mom and feels entitled to more time with the bachelor.

This was proven when she interrupted another woman's time and stole Arie for the second time.

First impressions

Chelsea got a little nasty, claiming that none of the other girls were threats and even referring to Bekah as a "b****" for showing up in a fancy car. When she told the other girls that she got more time with Arie, she claimed that she was unaware that some of them hadn't talked with him yet. Of course, that is probably far from the truth, but surely Chelsea didn't care.

She seemed to have made a pretty good impression on Arie, because, by the end of the night, he gave her the first impression rose.