Kailyn Lowry made a big decision yesterday. She has been working hard on getting her life back on track and putting forth her best effort for her children. Lowry welcomed her third son last year, and so far, she is rocking the single mom raising three boys thing. The last few days have been spent in miami. Kailyn was going to have some plastic surgery done on her post-baby body, but it looks like things have changed for the “Teen Mom 2” star.

Dr. Miami visit

This would not be the first time Kailyn Lowry had visited Dr. Miami for some work done. She had some procedures done weeks after she suffered a miscarriage when she was married to Javi Marroquin.

The famous Snapchat plastic surgeon gave the reality star discount on the procedures in exchange for him being able to record the process. Lowry isn't the only “Teen Mom” franchise star who has gone this route, Briana DeJesus also had work done by Dr. Miami.

Yesterday, Kailyn Lowry announced on Twitter that she had changed her mind about the procedures she was going to have done. The reality star talked about using the money to get a nutritionist and work on doing things the healthy way. Immediately, rumors began circulating that she may have changed her mind because of Javi Marroquin. He has voiced his opinion on plastic surgery, citing his extreme disapproval. In fact, he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Briana DeJesus, because of her plans to visit Dr.

Miami in the upcoming weeks. Did Lowry go soft and listen to the pleas of her ex-husband?

Javi Marroquin speaks out about Kail's decision

According to OK!

Magazine, Javi Marroquin is proud of his ex-wife for deciding to return home without the surgery. He has been against any body alteration since the beginning, though he did stand beside her the first time around. Back then, the two were already separated and he likely tried to support Kailyn in hopes they would reconcile before going the route of divorce.

For the most part, Lowry keeps her life private. She doesn't sing on social media about her daily drama, but she does share other things like her journey to Miami and the reason behind it on occasion. “Teen Mom 2” fans can't decide whether Marroquin was actually being supportive of Kailyn when saying he was proud, or if it was shade thrown to Briana DeJesus who he was dating up until recently. Could this mean that Lowry and Marroquin are working on their relationship? Could they be building a friendship that would result in less fighting for the sake of Lincoln?