Many fans are disappointed just as tickets went on sale for Taylor Swift’s “ReputationConcert Tour slated to happen on May 8, New York Post reported. The concert tour, which will feature her songs from her latest album of the same name, will kick off in Arizona.

A fan named @swiftieloves posted on Twitter, “I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the ‘1989’ tour. Now for the same seats, I have to pay about $500.”

Ticket sales started for “Reputation” in December 2017 but sales have been slower compared to her previous concerts. Swift’s “1989” show that happened in 2015 got tickets that “sold out within minutes.”

There are also still some seats left in many concert venues at the moment, only a few months before the first leg begins in Arizona.

The songstress’ promoters and music distributor Universal have not yet commented on this issue.

New album

Taylor Swift’s launched her newest album “Reputation” after several gimmicks on social media, including blacking out her online accounts and posting teasing graphics of snakes. The launch also came a few weeks after the songstress won the groping case against radio host David Mueller.

Some of the songs in the new album include “Look What You Made Me Do,” “End Game,” “I Did Something Bad,” “Don’t Blame Me,” “Delicate,” and “...Ready For It?” The main theme of her album is to show her new image that is fiercer and braver than her previous sweet girl image.

Now that her concert tour is just around the corner, there were various blunders noticed by the fans on the ticket selling such as the pre-sale program.

This program ensured that the tickets will be given to authentic fans and not just to scalpers who will attempt to re-sell the tickets as the event approaches.

However, even these bona fide fans noted that the tickets made available to the general public beyond the pre-sale program were “much better.” The pre-sale happened between December 5 and December 8 of last year.

Chart-topping hits

Meanwhile, “Reputation” bounced back at the top of the album hit charts just as the New Year began. The album returned to Billboard 200 and claimed the top spot, Billboard reported.

Before this feat, Taylor Swift’s album went down to number two and number three spots as The Weeknd claimed the first spot. The Billboard 200 charts list down the most popular albums based on consumer sales and streaming demand.

Also making it to the most recent album hit chart is the songstress’ friend and collaborator, Ed Sheeran. Just like the singer, Sheeran’s album also returned after making it lower in the charts during the previous weeks.