If you have been married before or you are about to be married, you would obviously know how expensive weddings can be. Well, Kody Brown is finding out the hard way how expensive his daughter Mykelti’s wedding to the controversial Tony Padron is going to be. It is worth mentioning that Padron is seen as very controversial by some fans of the show, as they believe that he is way too controlling of Mykelti.

To show you what they mean, Padron invited himself to Mykelti’s event of trying on different wedding dresses with the four Brown mothers. The Brown mothers were not happy that he was there at all, as all Padron did when he was there was make rude comments about bras.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that this family was shocked when they found out how expensive this wedding was really going to be.

What was Kody Brown’s reaction to finding out how expensive Myketli’s wedding would be?

As mentioned above, Mykelti’s wedding to Padron was anticipated to be very expensive. Kody first realized how much money this wedding would cost when Mykelti talked about how she wanted the theme of the wedding to be "Mexican Vintage." Mykelti then spoke about how she wanted to have four hundred tacos made for her wedding, and that is when Kody and the Brown mothers began to get worried about the price.

Christine first commented on the wedding by saying: “Now we're panicking about the price of four hundred, you realize that’s a lot of money.” She then continued by saying: “We don’t want to feel that we are being taken advantage of.” Kody then spoke about this whole situation by adding: “This is forty bucks a plate I’m telling you."

I have attached a video of the family planning the wedding below so you can see their reactions:

What are the rest of the Brown family up to now?

The Brown family have been very busy over the last few weeks as their television series “Sister Wives” started its brand new season earlier this month.

It is safe to say that this season is full of all kinds of drama, for example, we get to see Janelle Brown struggle with her new, healthier lifestyle as she tries to lose a lot of weight.

In the new season, we also get to see Meri Brown’s issues with the family as it has been rumored for a while that she is actually leaving the family. Overall, if you want to keep up to date with everything this clan is doing, you can watch their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives” and you can also follow them on social media as well.