One of the “Sister Wives” stars Christine Brown was not originally a fan of her daughter Mykelte Brown marrying the controversial Tony Padron. One of the main reasons that Padron is so controversial is because some fans are angered by him as they think that he is not that nice of a person as he is very selfish. For example, when Kody said that he was afraid to pay for his wedding as he would have to pay for two back to back weddings Padron said that he should get a home equity so that he can pay for both weddings.

However, she has since warmed up to the idea as for their wedding ceremony Christine planned to sing for them and her practicing her singing was recently just featured in the series.

Now, let’s just say some fans were not very happy with the way Christine sounded when she began vocal training.

What are fans saying online about Christine Brown’s singing?

As mentioned above when Christine Brown was taking voice lessons to prepare herself for singing at her daughter’s wedding some fans weren’t too pleased with how she sounded. What happened here was after Christine did some voice drills her instructor got her to sing a song by Bing Crosby called “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

To be fair to the Brown family member, she gave it her best shot, but some fans were relentless with the hate they were sending her online. For example, one watcher wrote,Just dedicate a song for the couples dance why make everyone hate you by singing #SisterWives.”

While another commented on the situation by saying “Ugggh Christine ....

just FYI ... you won’t hit it out of the park with that voice. #badsinging #nopitch #notonkey #FORTHELOVEOFGOD #SisterWives.”

I have attached both of these actual Twitter posts below.

What is the cast of 'Sister Wives' up to now?

With the new season of the TLC Reality Television Series “Sister Wives” just recently starting the Brown family has been very busy.

For example, one of Kody Brown’s wives Janelle is on a journey to lose some weight while another member of the family Meri may be leaving Kody as after all the two are already divorced.

In case you forgot Kody divorced Meri so that Robyn could legally be his wife. If you want to keep up with this controversial family you can watch them on their TLC reality television series "Sister Wives" and you can also follow them on their social media accounts. It is also worth mentioning that Kody's wives are in business together as they have jewelry store online.