Are you an avid watcher of the TLC reality Television Series “Sister Wives"? Well, if you are then you might know that the show has been hit with allegations over the past few years that it is completely scripted. Well, now more allegations of the show being scripted have just come out from Celebrity Insider, and more people are starting to think that the show is fake. This is not the first time that the Brown family have found themselves in the middle of controversy, as, just recently, Mykelti Brown's husband, Tony Padron, angered some fans, as they think he is too controlling of his wife.

Why do some people believe that this television show is scripted?

As mentioned above, many Brown family fans are under the impression that “Sister Wives” is a scripted television series. An example of why they think that this show is scripted is because when the family moved from Utah to Nevada, the show made us think it was because they feared that they would be prosecuted for being in a polygamous relationship. However, it was soon revealed by sources close to the family that the reason the family moved was because they wanted to, and the reality television show fabricated it all too make the Brown family look more interesting.

Another reason why fans think the show is scripted is because they are playing up the fact that Meri may be leaving the family because they got divorced.

However, it was again revealed by sources close to the family that the main reason they got divorced was so Kody could legally marry Robyn, so he could adopt three of her children from a previous marriage.

What are the rest of the Brown family up to now?

If you have been on the TLC television channel at all as of recently, then you would know that “Sister Wives” has just started a brand new season.

This new season will be full of drama as it will be following Mykelti’s and Padron’s journey of getting married, which has been rather difficult for the pair. The reason that it has been so hard for the couple to be married is because the family are not big fans of Padron at all.

For instance, they see him as very selfish, and when he asked Kody if he could marry his daughter, Kody was hesitant.

He was hesitant because he would have to pay for two Brown weddings around the same time, because his other daughter, Maddie, tied the knot around six months before Mykelti did. Padron was very upset about this so he said that Kody should take a home equity out on his house so he could pay for both Brown weddings.